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  • New to ICN not new to symptoms

    Hi, all
    I’m hoping ICN can help me find some relief. I have had frequent urinating and bladder irritation on and off for 10
    years. I’ve seen three different urologists to no avail. It didn’t help that I was still drinking 4-5 cups of coffee a a day. I’ve been a daily coffee drinker for 30 years! But the bout of irritation and frequent urination is so bad right now that I just quit coffee cold turkey . It’s only been two days but I t’s hard! And now while I’m withdrawing from coffee I still have to pee a lot or at least I feel like I have to!!
    I went to my gp and a urologist in the past Three weeks. Prostate and urine are fine. No infections or enlargement but I was out on antibiotics anyway. And flomax. I have stopped both. Antibiotics didn’t work and flomax is the wrong treatment and had weird side effects. Any suggestions on how to calm my bladder and urethra down? Those supplements are really expensive. Do I just need to wait this out?


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    to the IC Network.

    I'm sorry you are in such a difficult place right now --- and unfortunately there isn't any real quick fix. It's good that you have stopped coffee. I know that's not easy. Have you tried an IC diet? If not, I suggest you begin today. If you go to the ICN Front Page, you'll find diet information. You may want to try Prelief with food.

    Another thing I suggest is to keep a detailed diary, listing time of day, everything that goes in your mouth, urinary frequency (and about how much each time), activities, and pain levels. You may be able to identify more irritants that way. Then when symptoms vary, you can go to the diary and see if you can identify why there's been a change.

    There are some supplements available in the ICN Shop --- I suggest you review information on those while you try the IC diet. I hope you feel better soon.

    Stay safe

    Have you checked the ICN Shop?
    Click on ICN Shop at the top of this page. You'll find Bladder Builder and Bladder Rest, both of which we are finding have excellent results.

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