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  • Acid Reflux and ic

    Hi I have Ic and acid reflux. I am in a bad bad situation cuz I'm struggling hard to find food that'll pass my stomach and not flare me up. Thats a whole sad story there but where I recently am struggling is with informing myself more about acid reflux. I've become extremely sad because the only thing that I am taking is prelief....I know what works for my stomach but I can not take the meds because my bladder will flare up. My huge concern is if my stomach can be destroyed by the acid or my intestines. I know if my bladder improves ill be able to start taking meds but in the mean time my health is on the limb and what I want to know can my stomach get to a point where it can be removed because I coundnt tend to my stomach issues because of my IC???!!! . The thing that makes me stand out is I'm sensitive to many many foods but I know what my diagnosis is and I'm sure of it. I've improved my bladder pain these past 2 years! My nerves in my bladder are still struggling to heal but I know if my body fights with me Ill make it. Whats depressing me immensely is what will happen to my stomach with this stupid acid! I've been finding tricks to control it better but I'm in just struggling mentality and physically !

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    It sounds like you have some real concerns that might be well addressed by a nutritionist. If you don't have a nutrition specialist in your area, I suggest you scroll to the top of this page and click on ICNSHOP, then search for Julie Beyer. Julie is very knowledgeable and has interstitial cystitis.

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