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  • Undefined Bladder/Groin Pain

    Hey all, I'm a 36yr old married male with 2 kids. About 2 years to the day started my unfortunate journey into groin/bladder pain. It suddenly came on one night and was an intense throbbing pain center of my groin. I managed through the night and went to a walk in clinic who did a routine urine test with negative results. I went to my primary care Dr who gave me my first but unfortunately not last prostate exam. He gave me Cipro and was told to follow up with urologist if pain persist. All I have is pain, no pain will urinating or having sex. Just a persistent throbbing, aching pain.

    I went to the urologist who also had to do his own prostate exam and urine test and when all came back negative he sent me for a CT scan with barium and I contrast. CT scan came back normal and was told I'm having bladder spasms and given oxybutynin. I took for weeks but gave me stomach pain. The pain eventually went away and stayed away for most part of a year.

    About 6 months ago it flared back up. Went to urologist who did another prostate exam with urine sample and sent my urine to lab for more test. All results came back negative. He gave me bactrim which did nothing but make me constipated. He put me on myrbetriq which hasn't done much. I recently went back to my primary care Dr for my yearly lab work and told him I was still experiencing groin pain. He basically said sometimes people have pain with no evidence of why. He said he's confident that if something serious was wrong it would've been found by now. For that I'm happy but at the same time not getting a diagnosis with treatment is very discouraging. I'm 36 with a family and while the pain isn't debilitating it definitely lowers my quality of life and comfort.

    So I'm basically 36 with CPPS/Non bacterial prostatitis and given nothing for relief or comfort. I tried pelvic floor excises with little to no relief....

    Anyone else out there with this maddening diagnosis or lack there of. While I'm glad that nothing serious has been found I can't help but think that something is wrong and hasn't been found but I also tell myself I can't be the only person with prolonged unspecified pain. Thanks for any who read this and thanks for any input. Take care!!!

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    First of all, I'd like to say to the IC Network.

    It's not unusual for someone with interstitial cystitis to have a frustrating time being diagnosed. I can't tell you that's what you have, but it does sound like a possibility. There are some things you could try to help work towards either diagnosing or ruling out IC, such as giving the IC diet a try to see of that helps. You could also keep a detailed diary for a few weeks to see if you can identify things that bring, or increase, your discomfort. List time of day, everything that goes in your mouth, urinary frequency (and about how much each time), activities. Sometimes we can identify triggers by reviewing diary entries.

    My most distressing time with IC was the time before diagnosis --- somehow, once we know exactly what we're dealing with, it usually makes it easier.

    Please let me know how you're doing.

    Sending healing thoughts,
    Stay safe

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