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    Hi All,

    After several years of benefitting from this site I wanted to post. I was diagnosed with IC 5 years ago. I have had great medical support (in the Boston area) and am so thankful for it. For about 2 years I was on Nortriptyline daily and very slowly weaned myself off of it!

    I am faithful to the IC diet and drink lots of water. I also did about 8 months of pelvic floor PT and was so thankful to have such a wonderful therapist. In short, I am feeling great and have my life back. I can easily live without coffee of tomatoes!

    One thing I have noticed is that I am beginning to urinate more frequently. When this started I could regularly hold about 10 - 12 oz or urine. I am now down to 8.

    I am wondering if my IC has become OAB? My 96 year old mother recently had a semi-successful Bladder Botox procedure. My mom's life is full but her incontinence bothers her more than any other ailments she has. It has been a game changer for her. She constantly tells me to keep myself in shape so it doesn't happen to her.

    My question - does IC lead to incontinence? Does OAB lead to incontinence? Any thoughts on how to avoid incontinence?


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    Try not to worry about it. I have had diagnosed IC for 46 years now and not incontinent. There are times when I hurry to a bathroom because it feels like I will not be able to hold it, but so far I've made it.

    Stay safe

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