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How I recovered from bladder pain (IC)

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  • How I recovered from bladder pain (IC)

    HI there... I haven't been on this forum for over two years.. but someone I knew saw me on it and reached out to me.

    I had a year of hell (pain, despair and depression), as I'm sure you all have had (and more). But in the end I got the treatment that worked for me. Everyone is different, and I'm not a doctor but I feel very passionate to tell my story - in case it can help anyone.

    After trying every treatment and medicine under the sun, I took Hiprex and combined with a pelvic massage wand - adding pressure to sensitive /trigger points with the Therawand . I was warned by Dr Malone that the Hiprex might sting a bit at first, but it was minor. And with at all the muscle treatment it was much better within a couple of weeks, and then gone. I can't be sure how much a part Hiprex played (I'm assuming it did), but i believe that it was the muscle / pelvic floor treatment that made the hugest difference.

    From my own experience and what i can gather, the soreness in the bladder is caused by inflammation and muscle spasms which is the body's way of fighting off infections. Whether there is still bacteria there (I know is up for debate) or the body thinks it is. From my research, the body can continue to have a reaction to bacteria when it is gone, as spasms and inflamation cause more pain and then the muscles spasm and inflame more. It's catch 22 with the body effectively getting stuck like a broken record - especially when you add the stress of this bloody condition in the mix as well!

    I do think perhaps the majority of the issue is muscular - and on the most part it is not an incurable bladder condition. Urologists and doctors are not trained in muscles at all.. and do not put the two things together. I saw a physio who showed me on an ultra sound how my muscle was pushing on my bladder and causing pain/ urgency/ frequency /swelling. My first bit of evidence that i wasnt going completely mad and there really was something causing these problems.

    When i finally saw the NHS after a year of paying for private consultants they agreed with my diagnosis.. they did say that I had problems again they could inject the pelvic floor with botox to stop the muscle going into spasm. But luckily, two years later i haven't had another flare up.

    Anyway i hope this helps, and again I'm not a doctor - this is just my experience. But there are, of course, stats that the majority of people with IC have issues with pelvic floor so I'm just raising the theory that it is perhaps, in many cases, the other way round - and it is the pelvic floor muscle causing IC symptoms.