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GI Tract - IC Connection ???

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  • GI Tract - IC Connection ???


    My interstitial cystitis was confirmed in January 2021 (urologist) but I have been symptomatic for IC since February 2020 or longer.

    I've noticed a consistent trend for the last 3-4 months that my IC bladder pain is much far worse on days that I have a BM, but on the days of the week, usually 1 to 2 days, when I don't have a BM, the bladder pain, frequency and urgency is very mild. Again, on the days of the week when I have a BM, usually 5 to 6 days, the bladder pain starts within 30 minutes of a morning BM, as the bladder fills up, with frequency and urgency, and this cycle continues through the day until the late afternoon and evening when the bladder pain subsides somewhat. Again, when I don't have a BM, I have little to no bladder pain. This has been frustrating to no end and it’s robbed me of a good quality of life.

    My questions are:

    1. Anyone experience anything like this?

    2. Why might my BMs be the cause of my lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS)?

    I’ve also noticed two grades of pain that follow a BM. When the stool is more on the softer side, the pain is much, much worse. But either pain is dreadful.

    3. Anyone think this is cross organ sensitization (perhaps nerve dysfunction, etc.)

    4. Solutions? Heal the gut, heal the bladder? Experiences?

    I'm seeing a pelvic floor therapist for pelvic floor dysfunction (& interstitial cystitis), where visceral manipulation is also being performed, but the PT has no insight on the bowel/bladder connection. I'm also taking aloe vera capsules (Desert Harvest) to try to address the bladder pain and I’m about to up my dosage to level 2 of their protocol.

    BTW I’ve had IBS type symptoms for about 2 years, gallbladder removed 2019, treated for methane dominant SIBO in 2019 (heavy antimicrobials) and treated again, but milder in 2020 (Microbiome Labs Mega Prebiotic and Mega Mucosa).

    Thanks for reviewing and I look forward to hearing your insights.

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    to the IC Network.

    Am I reading this correctly --- that you go several days between bowel movements? If that's what's happening, are you expelling a large amount when you have a movement? If that's the case, you might want to try increasing fiber in your diet to see if you have more frequent movements, but smaller amounts.

    The nerves and muscles in the bladder and urethra are very close to those in the rectum --- so it's not surprising that symptoms in one of the two can also effect the other. I think it would be a good idea to ask your doctor about this at your next appointment --- if you don't have an appointment soon, you could telephone the office and talk with a nurse there for advice.

    Sending well wishes,
    Stay safe

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