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Just diagnosed and feel overwhelmed

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  • Just diagnosed and feel overwhelmed

    Hi I am julie. I am still trying to get my head round this. It is horrendous really. I already have nerve pain in pelvic area for 2 years about 8 out of the 24/7.. to have bladder problems now is cruel really. It impacts my life in multiple ways that other people are not aware of. So I feel overwhelmed and tired and so so sore. and I have to say pretty sorry for myself.

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    I'm so sorry. I'm glad you found this site --- there's a wealth of information here.

    Sending warm hugs,
    Stay safe

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      I remember being newly diagnosed and I felt just like you - I was scared, fearful, and also feeling sorry for myself. This site has a great deal of information. Your physician/urologist will make suggestions to help you I'm sure. You may find that some things may work for you and some may not. I rarely post now as it has been a bit over 15 years that I was diagnosed. In the beginning I was very strict with my diet. I started using Prelief with my meals. Eventually I was able to add many foods back ( in moderation, of course) and still using the Prelief. I have been on Elmiron since diagnosed and it has helped me although there is controversy about it now due to an eye issue. I have had my eyes checked every 6 months and all is well. My gynecologist recommended Estrogen cream to thicken my vaginal walls so as not to feel the discomfort as much. The combination of the 3 has helped me. I tried hydroxyzine but it wasn't helpful for me. Yet others do well with it. Everyone is different and unfortunately there is not one cookie cutter remedy; sometimes it is trial and error. Physical Therapy & Pelvic Floor Therapy helps certain people also. I was on this site daily for the first year or two of my diagnosis. As things improved I check in once in awhile. I just wanted to respond as I remember being newly diagnosed and felt helpless. My urologist is the one who told me to get on this site. I'm glad I did. I found a lot of support, and had plenty of questions. Read through topics and success stories. My improvement was slow, but it did eventually come. I am wishing you well, a great deal of positivity, and hoping you find the relief you need.