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IS this an uncommon symptom? Sides squeezing pain when drinking water

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  • IS this an uncommon symptom? Sides squeezing pain when drinking water

    Hi everyone, I am writing for my husband. We are both incredibly stressed from this and trying to find some answers. A brief history. He had a rough prostate exam over a year ago, which lead to worsening of symptoms. He was seen for slight bladder irritation from caffeine. He had a cystoscopy, and things got worse. The doctor said muscular, and probably inflammation from the previous cystom.

    After that first cysto he was left with really bad urethra pain that wouldnt go away. He saw a new doctor who suggested a second cysto under general to check for a stricture. When he woke up from that one, he immediately had stomach pain, and it hasnt gone away yet. Its been 6 months. He is still having all of the original sypmtoms ( very painful burning urination every time, occasional golf ball feeling in rectum, stomach and side pain, penis pain, rectum pain etc)

    But now the concerning symptom to him, that we cant seem to find correlate with anyone else, is any time he drinks water, his sides squeeze and hurt badly, then he has to pee and it hurts. Is this an uncommon symptom? He is very concerned that there is something wrong in his ureters or something, and the dr does not care to check into this at all. This is EVERY time he drinks something.

    His symptoms also never seem to wax and wane, but are constant. Several doctors just have said this is muscular. His pcp suspects possible IC. Since the second cysto he has had a pelvic MRI, and a pelvic and abdominal CT.

    He also has struggles with constipation and hard to go to the bathroom.

    Thanks so much
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    to the IC Network. One of the most important things for someone with a medical problem is family support --- your husband is fortunate to have you.

    I'm not familiar with this particular symptom, but I wonder if it would help if he drank lukewarm water? How long after he drinks does the discomfort happen?

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