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Htcz bladder issues

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  • Htcz bladder issues

    I was diagnosed in 1986took years of dmso. In 2017 had severe diverticulitis Snd had colon surely only to find out my bladder was being pushed by all the colon inflammation and after I was perfect no more pain
    this past year vaginal atrophy due to hysterectomy for cancer
    but now high blood pressure but on htcz 12.5 after 8 days all the lower pressure not being able to pee burning vulva bladder spasms ll of it came back.
    I am also taking macrobid 1 dose after sex which happens rarely and never an infection.
    snyway 8 days later lower abdomen is swollen htcz seems to cause anxiety headaches constant peeing swelling in low abdomen Snd feel horrible.
    I started macrobid but dip stick was negative
    anyone take htcz and get increase bladder psin? I’m at a loss