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22 yr old newly diagnosed

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  • 22 yr old newly diagnosed

    I am 22 years old, was diagnosed 7 months ago, at 21 yrs old. Still searching for answers. My urologist put me on vistaril, and the day after I took the med, my sx were gone! The only down side was that the med made me very sleepy. That was the first time in over a year that I was able to sleep through the night and have relief at work. He also suggested a change in diet, and one of the big things I found relief from was avoiding caffine! I still get flare-ups when I drink pop or coffee, or dont take the med after a few weeks, but I've been able to pretty much manage this on my own. I really would like to find a med that works as well, but with out the drowsiness! - Heidi Jo

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    Welcome to the ICN Heidi Jo!
    I was 21 when I was diagnosed too; I'm 25 now. This website has a lot of great information - I suggest you check out the ICN Patient Handbook for tips on diet, and there's also information on different medications. I have to stick close to the IC diet, and along with Elmiron I'm able to manage my symptoms quite well.

    Take care,
    My story of healing and hope