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What has IC taught you?

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    What has IC taught me....

    it taught me that having alot of patience really don't help

    it taught me to value my good days

    it taught me that people don't believe in chronic pain

    it taught me who my friends are

    it taught me that life is too short to worry about trival things

    it taught me to believe in myself.

    it taught me that no matter how hard I try there are things I still cannot do..

    it took away my life. it took away my freedom. it took away activities I use to do with my child..

    what have I learned from having IC..

    'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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      I.C. has taught me:

      That it isn't all in my head.

      Something is wrong.

      I can do something about it.

      I can overcome severe pain.


      A bladder is something most take for granted.

      To think about what fluids I'm putting in me.

      Live life to the fullest when you feel good.

      Don't take life for granted.

      Don't take good health for granted.

      I'm new in learning about the disease. I'll post more at a later date when I acquire more knowledge on the disease and if I have it. I just had the hydrodistention and am waiting for the results of the tissue they took. The dr. said it's rare and hard to diagnose and that he doesn't have much knowledge on the disease, either.
      "Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it"

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        I had an experience earlier in my life that required me to sit back and do a "what has this taught me" reflection. I had Guillianne Barre Syndrome, which is a disease that can totally paralyze you. (it did me, all the way to respiration). Much of what I learned from that,I try to apply to this:

        1) there are people who need me
        (I try to remember this on days when the morphine pills look tempting to swallow all at once)

        2) there are people who love me
        (Ok...see above comment!)

        3) Sometimes writing how I feel in a notebook (as oppossed to computer) really is therapuetic...I can really put my anger to pictures and words. (I did this alot as therapy when I was sick with GBS and could use my hands again)

        4) Sometimes, my family and friends don't want to hear about my pain. They are as tired of it as I am, and they don't know what to do for me. I have to respect long as they can listen to me sometimes.

        5) That life just ain't all the rainbows and flowers that were promised when I was a child. I keep looking for them, but they aren't there....I'm finding some solace in reading some teaching of Eastern philosophy. Unfortunately, we were never promised a rose garden.... Or, some of us got stuck with the thorns and fertilizers...

        6) That I can be awfully darn long winded.

        7) That toilet seats are bloody *** cold in the nights when the bathroom window gets left open, on 30 degree nights. eek

        8) That there are some wonderful people in this world, on this message board. Bless you all... in the peaceful way you believe!!



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          Well, I don't have ic-but I do have ec (close enough, lol) and it has taught me that there are worse things in life than this.

          "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on" -Franklin D. Roosevelt


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            IC has taught me that all illnesses are not right out in front of you to see.

            IC has taught me tolerance.

            It has taught me to appreciate good and bad, because bad could be so much worse.


            "Life is what happens when you are making other plans" John Lennon

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