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    There are a few uros that are in Tacoma. I love my docs. They're awesome. I go to NW Urology on "I" Street in Tacoma. Urologic Consultants is on Union in Tacoma and they are supposed to be great. I would make sure that you call to schedule something a few weeks before you move to make sure that you can get in. The wait for Urologic Consultants was almost 2 months out when I first needed to go. Let me know if you need to know where anything else is in either Tacoma or Seattle. I can make sure you find it. I've lived in WA my whole life and probably know 3 or 4 ways to get everywhere. Hope it's helpful!! ~mel~
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      Hi, this is awesome, I used to go to Northwest Urology but left when my doc left and started his own practice and I went with him.I must agree I was very pleased with my treatment there. Interesting I did not know there were Urologic Consultants on Union that is handy to know, small world isn't it? take care Iris hi hat
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        Thanks for sharing your story with us. I am newly dianosed- two weeks ago. I have know for the past year or two that I have had this, just getting dianosed was a battle. I am relating to your story a bit as I have endometriosis as well. I have level 4 endo. I have no children, you are very lucky to have the little angels you do now. I think you and I are on the right track finding this website because in the last few days that I have been logged on, I don't feel so alone anymore and I feel that people understand what I writing about. It has been a Godsend to me. Take care. grouphug