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    Hi everyone, I am new at all of this but here goes. I am 42 yrs old and about 10 yrs ago, I went to see a urologist for recurrent UTI's and he performed a cysto with biopsy, and a cystometrogram or hydrodistention of my bladder. During the procedure, my bladder lining was so thin, that a hole punctured in my bladder and this extended my stay in the hospital with a foley catheter in place until it healed. I was told by that MD that I had IC and could not drink any fruit juices of any kind. He did not specify that I had to change my diet or stop drinking soft drinks, coffee, or tea. So for 10 years I have been drinking decaf tea, decaf coffee, koolaid, milk, & soft drinks occasionally. I was never followed up on until I went to my gynecologist just recently with a lot of bladder pain, frequency, and urgency to urinate. He sent me to another urologist and he told me in order to diagnose me with IC, he would do some tests, such as CT Scan with and without contrast of my abdomen and pelvis first. Then he scheduled me for another cysto and hydrodistention this past Monday afternoon. After surgery, he came to the room and told me that I have IC. He did not tell me how extensive the damage to my bladder was. He just gave me 4 Rxs- Cipro to prevent infection, Detrol LA, Vicodin ES, and Elavil 75 mg and to call and make another appt in 4 weeks to see him. No dietary instructions were given to me. I just thank God that this web site is available to us. I have contacted a local support group and plan to attend my first meeting next month. Thanks for all the phone support too.

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    Welcome to the IC Network. I know you'll find a lot of information and support here. The IC diet is in the Patient Handbook on this site and lists foods that are potential problems for anyone with IC. Not everyone reacts negatively to all of the foods listed, but I think it's a good idea to eliminate all of the potential problem foods for a time. Then when you feel better you can begin adding back some of your favorites --- one at a time --- to see if you can tolerate them.

    Many more uros are learning about the diet link in recent years. Be sure to let your uro know how you do on the diet --- it could easily help his next IC patient.

    Sending healing thoughts,
    Stay safe

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      These message boards have been a great help to me as well. I didn't know there were support groups. How do you go about finding a local group? Good luck on your journey. [img]confused.gif[/img]