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  • Surgery at work

    Tomorrow there is a surgery at work that I am supposed to assist with. It's a spay of a pregnant cat. No one knows how far along she is. She's a big cat. Basically it is a kitty abortion. This is so wrong!! I can't do it. I voiced my opinion to the office manager/head tech at work and she told me I do not have to assist with that surgery. I am concerned though. What if the kittens are viable?? What if they are living and moving? Are they just going to let them sit and die? Are they going to give them a shot and kill them? If I were to hear them meowing I would take them and bottle feed them. I just can't stand it. I had to help put a dog down the other day and it was not as hard as this. The dog was OLD and couldn't walk. I just said a prayer for the owner - who was heartbroken - and did the deed. Grrrrrr. Michelle

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    That is the tough part of your job I don't think I could do. I know it is necessary and there are so many unwanted pets that have to be put down later. So maybe this is the more humane thing to do. Hugs,

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      i agree this is total wrong!! why would the owner of this cat want to kill her kittens I Don't blame you if they are moving around and are meowing i would take them home and bottle feed them to the owner wouldnt know no different. this is cruel i dont believe in it in humans and i dont believe in it in animals either. ggggrrrrrrr. if it came down to me or a child i was carrying it would be me. My mother was gave that choose and she chose me but she was okay and all but they thought they may lose her but we both made it i'm the only child but she took that chance. I really do miss my mother now she passed in dec of 88. but i dont see how anyone could kill a baby animal or human. cussing
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        oh michell how awful.. I am sorry you have to do this..
        'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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          I hope you are okay and can find come comfort in what will go on with those babies.
          First of all it is up to us as the capable,intellegent, race that we are supposed to be to look out for our dear animals. Spaying and Neutering is the best thing we can so for our beloved pets, it reduces risks of cancer, makes hostile and "nippy" dogs more manageable but the fitrst responsibility we have as humans is to intervene wher needed, why else has Bob Barker been on such a crusade since the 70's to Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs! They live much happier and helthier lives. It is so unfortunate that this irresposible pet owner waited until those fetuses where viable and growing inside that mother than made the decision to spay this cat.
          We too are accountable for the sufferings of animals as we are theur gaurdiens. We so not OWN them, we love and protect them,
          God bless you tomorrow Michelle, I will pray for your dear heart! You will not be held accountable for these kittens, the owner is and it is in God's hands!
          How was the Passion? If it is too brutal I will not be able to see it though I would like to. IC has brought about many difficult facits that have created intense anxieties when I see films of gore and anguish, the Lord of the Rings 3 had me popping Valuim in the first 10 minutes, I do not know how I got thru that one, mostly with my eyes closed and praying for calm!
          Much love,


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            Michelle, I don't think I could assist with a surgery like that..It is just wrong to let a viable kitty die.Why, if they are gonna do the surgery anyway, can't they wait a few weeks and give the kittens to the shelter?? Poor babies. Best of luck, and stick to your guns grouphug
            Wishing you the best, today, tomorrow, and always! Sheri G


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              how are you? I know you didnt want to assist doing this horrible surgery.. Just wanted to make sure you were ok.
              'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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                Oh Michelle, that is so sad. I agree with all the gals posts, I wonder why the owner did not get the cat spayed, so she could not have got pregnant. I know I would have felt the same way as you, and could not have helped in that kind of surgery, it would have broken my heart. Take care and a hug Iris. grouphug
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                  Hi, gals. I am ok. I sis not assist with the surgery. Instead, I went back in the kennels and gave a smelly dog a bath. Afterwards, I was talking with Dawn, the receptionist, and she was upset about it, too. She was told (and then told me) that there were 4 kittens and Doc did not open the sacs. That's all I know. I really don't want to know any mroe. I do know that the dogs were freaked out by the trash containers outside. That's where I assume everything went. I did not look. I did not hear any sounds either. That's it. I survived my day and kept my job. I think that I would have been not in trouble if I had spoken my peace to Doc, but you never know. Thanks to all for the prayers. Hugs, Michelle


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                    Michelle, I am glad you are OK. The hospital I worked at used to do abortions. Thank God they quit before I went to work there, I could not have stayed there if they did abortions. Continued good luck with your job!


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                      I am sorry that you had to deal with a situation like that. I too would not have been able to assist in something like that. I'm glad that they let you do something else instead. I'm sending you lots of hugs.

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