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  • Introducing myself

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    hi there we have some young ladies on here your age Jess and I have the interstim she about your age I am 37 tho, an old lady lol ~welcome~ please post your questions and we all will do our best to help you.. I had my interstim put in in April 2003..
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      Hi Dacnie,

      Welcome to the ICN. Unfortunately you're not too young for IC, I was 20 when I was diagnosed, but there are many wonderful treatments available to help with symptoms. I hope it works for you and you find relief with the interstim Thanks for sharing your story!

      My story of healing and hope


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        Hi Decnie. Welcome to the ICN! I just read your patient story and I'm sooo impressed with you and all that you've accomplished. You're living proof that IC patients are strong, are competent, are determined and lovely people. It always surprises me to see someone have an interstim implant just months after diagnosis. Please make sure that you notify your doc ASAP if you experience any unusual symptoms. Was the fever due to infection at the wound site?? Oh, and, can we repost your story in our "patient stories?" If so, it's great to include a picture if you have one.

        Jill O.
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          wow what a great patient story, I have sent in my interstim success story and a picture still waiting fo it to be put up on the icn
          'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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            Hi there! Glad that you found us. I can't get to your story for some reason, it won't work, but I am 21 and have the Interstim is well, I recevied it two months before my 21st b-day after years of struggling with IC. It really sucks that we have to deal with IC and on top of that also have to go through the InterStim surgeries. I'll get to your story, in the meantime, you can read mine at the link below, and the updated version that includes a bunch of my InterStim story on the Success Stories board. I truly am a walking success story in the frequency/urgency department of IC!

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              hi! decnie,

              i am 39 an have been diagnosed for years. i read your story and as i was reading it i thought it was my daughters story. she also has ic and endometreosis, she is 19 and we have had the very same exsperience( except for the interstim) wich is a battle i am dealing with now. i am really weary of the interstim. keep us posted with that!
              you are a very determined young lady! welcome to the boards! your story is very inspiring! i will pass it on to my daughter.

              your ic buddy!
              Angel R. Miller
              YOU CAN COUNT ON ME!
              In times of need, if you are feeling sad, you can count on me. i will give you a wink , until you smile , give you a hug :GROUPHUG:, and stand by your side. i'll be there for you till the end, I'll always and forever, BE YOUR FRIEND!


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                Hi Decnie, and welcome to the IC family. Your story is awesome, and going through so much at your young age is remarkable. You are one very determined young lady, and I admire your spirit, and strength, with all you have had to deal with in your life. Look forward to reading your posts and seeing how you are doing. Welcoming hug, Iris.
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                  Welcome to the board. My IC symtpoms started when I was 23 years old and now I am 32. I also have an InterStim now which was put in in 10/31/2003. I began to see the results last week. My frequency was down to 10 times a day.
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                    Hi dear. I'm 21, and I was just diagnosed as well. What's more, I've had this for 9 years! So, I know exactly where you are coming from. I hope that you are doing well. I have not read your story yet but plan to very soon. It's getting late here on the east coast. If you need someone to talk to I'm hear