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I saw Dr. Whitmore

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  • I saw Dr. Whitmore

    The meeting went well, except I got the feeling I was being rushed. Most of my questions got answered, mostly stuff we all already know.

    She (well,another lady) measured my pelvic floor muscles and she's sending me for PFT to see if that helps with the pain during sex. She said it can also help the IC flares because it's all inter-related.

    I explained to her how my flares have signifigantly improved over the past 2 months with the Elmiron and watching my diet. I told her my husband and I are trying to have a baby so I don't really want to take any more meds. Yeah, so she then gave me Nortriptyline and Urocit-K. I guess she wasn't listening.

    I haven't taken the Nortrip. yet but I have taken The Urocit-K. I think it's causing a little bit of a flare. I'm going to call her and let her know. I'm going to stop it and watch my diet very closely and maybe try it agian. I don't think I ate any no-nos though. It's supposed to take the acidity out of your urine but it's mostly potassium, isn't that a trigger?
    Has anyone else had any experience with it?

    How about Nortriptyline? It's only 10mg every night.

    Overall I have to say I wasn't very impressed with her, she was kind of abrubt,( I do understand that she's a busy woman,but I hardly even saw her). Hopefully between the PFT and maybe the Nortrip. the little flaring I do get sometimes and the sex pain will get less and less.

    I am glad I went though. While I was in the waitng room I was looking around wondering if any of you were there sitting right next to me.

    I'll keep you all updated on the PFT. Thanks for encouraging me to go!

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    I know how you feel about seeing new docs and them not listening banghead Hopefully some of it will help


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      Hey Erin...

      I have heard what you are reporting about that paticular fact I live right down the street and I havent been.

      If you dont want to be on any more meds, you do not have to be. Just because she wasnt listening does not mean that you have to take them. Its still ultimatly YOUR choice, your body.

      I think Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy can benefit EVERY ICer. Like the doc said, it is all interrelated, so hopefully if anything, that will help you some.

      Thanks for the update !
      Glad your doing better!!
      @[email protected]
      "Well the Secret O'Life is enjoying the passage of time." ~James Taylor


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        I met her years ago at a Convention and she was very kind and careing. But I did not see her in her office. Sometimes I think they do not realize that they are rushing us because they have seen so many IC patients for so many years and we are very concerned about our IC problems. My current Dr. of 10 years sometimes rushes me and I know how that feels. Sorry and hugs



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          funny thing is some docs will say, you aren taking the meds i'm giving you and your having problems still, well thats your problem for not listening to the doctor then..


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            About the potassium, it is not a trigger. It is not irritating at physiological levels.

            In the potassium sensitivity test, the concentration they put in it is a lot higher, 3- to 4-fold, if I recall correctly.cheers