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    I started going to my urologist on March 3rd of last year. He did the cystescopy with the other things. He tried me on different medicines at first to see if they would help. Then when I went to my gynecologist he wanted him to do the cystoscopy again so he did with a biopsy(I'd like to add that I have asked this doctor to do a number of things, which he never had a problem with, always goes along with it). No cancer, so after trying all the medicines, he decided to try the silver nitrate. After several treatments of that we decided it was not going to work so then he started on the DMSO treatments. And I am happy to say that I am feeling like a normal person again after being sick for over a year. But in the meantime we found out that the treatments are probably making me sick because I was so sick and lost a lot of weight. I had to get off of Cipro because the gastroenterologist said it can make you very sick also. So when I went to see my urologist to talk about other treatments he decided to wait and see what happens because I am trying to get under a gastroenterologist for other problems with my colon. He was the one who sent me to one. He thought I was anorexic. I thought I was sick from the IC. By the time I finally got to a doctor all I could eat was chicken noodle soup and Gatorade and Ensure. So actually, we don't know yet-it could have been all of them making me sick. The urologist took me off of all his medicines and wants me to see the gastrologist as soon as possible, but I am having a few problems with that...
    Anyway, have hope, because I am a lot better and I thought I never would be....I think the treatments were making my hair come out. It seems to be getting better now. He put me on Ativan for stress but it still came out and broke off real bad. Has anyone else had that problem? I am hoping it will stop soon. The roots are looking bad. Thanks for reading.

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    Glad you found relief. Once I got diagnosed I did DMSO (which worked for awhile) and am now on elavil. I know how good it feels to finally find out what is wrong and to find a doctor who will help you. continued good luck


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      When I was first diagnosed 28 years ago I was treated with silver nitrate. It did help some, but was not a comfortable process. I'm on DMSO monthly now and doing well.

      Hopefully you will have some answers to your other problems soon so you can get back to treating the IC.

      Sending healing thoughts,
      Stay safe

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