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Friday 1-30-04

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  • Friday 1-30-04

    Hello, I'm so tired tonight. I'm in pain. I'm sick to my stomach. I had to get up and pee so much during my sleep time. You see, I work nights 11pm to 7am. I usually sleep from 1pm till 9pm. I'm a dispatcher for the local police dept. It's a fun job. The only problem is, I'm in here alone, and I have to call the officers in to go to the bathroom. Most of the time, they are ok about it, but some times, I can tell it irritates them! For some reason my arms are hurting. Lord only knows why! Sorry, just needed to vent. toilet

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    grouphug grouphug grouphug MY upper arms started to hurt before I got that awful flu. please be careful and take care of you. Hope you feel better soon.
    Hang in there , There is hope.
    There is hope. Prayer works.

    Love, Debbie


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      If arm pain is new, you really need to contact your physician.

      Sending healing thoughts,
      Stay safe

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        I too would call the dr, I have fibro and myofascial pain syndro both associated with IC and my shoulders neck and arms hurt from it, I was giving 5 mg of flexeril aday and it reduces it greatly Call your dr and see what he says.
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