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  • House...Job...Move

    It's just so much to deal with. I have been cleaning somewhat today and will again tomorrow after church. We'll be moving in the end of the week. I am planning on the first night in the house being Friday. I need to call and get the telephone on and also internet and electricity in to my name. Thehhouse is a mess. More so than I thought at first, but at least it's sound and the roof doesn't leak. Donald had a hard time today getting the furnace lit. But he did it. It's propane, and for someone from the city who hasn't had anything but electric, it was an experience. I am afraid of it. It's scary. I keep thinking what if it leaks and explodes?? Can you have a carbon monoxide issue from a propane heater? It's just so strange to me. There are mouse droppings that I cleaned up today. I'll check the same places tomorrow and see if hopefully they aren't back. Hopefully they were old and are gone now. A couple of the windows don't have screens, but there are some in the shed. The CLR I bought to clean up the rust sstains in the sinks and tub are not working on the tub in the kids' room. But, I am going to try Lime Away tomorrow. There are so many things to pack up that are in the house. Things like old church hymnals, old bible study books, and ols books in general. Knick-Knacks on the mantle. And old dishes. I found brand new curtains still in the packages from Walmart. I hung them in one room, but haven't gotten the other room done yet. They look nice. It really lightens the place. I need to choose paint, (maybe next month~when I can open windows and not freeze) and get that done. I need something to brighten the whole place. The insides are so dark. Anyway, I do need some ideas there. Each room that needs painting (living room, dining room and den) is small and has one window each. The other room, the kitchen is bright, but has more windows. It is currently 60's YELLOW. YUK! IDEAS PLEASE!!! I would post pictures, but my sister took my digital camera to KC for the weekend. Grr.

    The job is going well. It hurts my back form time to time, but I am still wearing those therma care patches. I wish I had invented them. I'd be rich!! Occasionally I get a dog that just won't cooperate. Like yesterday I had to hold a BIG chocolate lab still so Doc could check her and give her shots. Well, her muzzle is bigger than my hand, so it was hard. But I think I did OK. And I am learning the computer system they use for their patients and billing. I do a lot of after surgery watch. Basically, I get to sit and talk to the animal and pet it until they start to wake up, then we give it pain medicine usually and it falls back asleep. I've learned that beagle pups are the LOUDEST dogs when kenneled and don't know what's going on. I've been watching neuters, but opted out of the spay yet. Maybe later. Watched a dental cleaning. And a front DeClaw. That was ucky. But the poeple are nice and the animals are nice.

    Well, I just wanted to let you all know what's going on. A lot of you have asked and so I thought I would let you know. Hugs to all. Please vote for you favorite color to lighten up my new place. Thanks. Michelle in AR

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    Oh i'm so happy for you!!!!!! grouphug grouphug grouphug i know it is alot of work to move and clean up after someone dont hurt yourself let the men do the heavy lifting but if you like me you dont want to wait. then i end up hurting myself colors to lighten a room up that is not high is white and off white. with children i would go for the off white. that way it dont hurt the pocket book to much and you still get a brighter color to lighten the room up. for lime and rust stain i get this stuff called WORKS i get it at the dollar store its only a buck and it will take anything off but the smell blah if you use it have the windows open are it will knock you out the smell is awful. but it works.
    Good luck hon its so great to hear you are doing better. grouphug
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      I am so happy for you. One of my favorite shows is Trading Spaces. I love to decorate. I like light blue. My dining room is a green that my best friend and I did with a sponge treatment. I am also happy to know that someone like you is taking care of pets. It is nice to know that you pet the animals. I hope my vet's office is as nice as you. You deserve some good luck. Enjoy your new house, I know it is a lot of work, but hopefully it will be worth it.


      • #4 sound so much better! I am happy that things are coming together for you. My vote for a color in the new house, hmmm, one would be a scheme of coral colors in different shades, and I also love the light blue/pale yellow combo. As for the kitchen, hey, Retro is in these days, try to decorate in chrome (they even sell old chrome tables I remember as a kid) My parents just did a room like that and it looks cool! Good luck! grouphug
        Wishing you the best, today, tomorrow, and always! Sheri G


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          Practical Donna has to suggest cream color everywhere --- that makes it look clean and fresh --- and gives you time to dream up yummy colors to go with your furniture. I watch Changing Rooms and Trading Spaces too --- and I'm getting bolder and bolder with colors in my house.

          Warm hugs,
          Stay safe

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            Dear Michelle -

            WONDERFUL to hear your happy news re your new
            house, and job!!! One of the most cheerful colours I know is a very light, soft pale yellow------lovely with a soft blue (country French!).......Whatever colours you choose, BEST WISHES to you & your family in your new home!
            .......sending HUGS, Lauren

            grouphug hi grouphug
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              Hi Michelle, Congratulations! All of your good news is simply fantastic! Sounds like hard work too, but so worth it. Before you know it, you and your family will be settled into a happy routine! I'm so glad that all of the leg-work during the hard times has paid off. Enjoy! And know that we're all sending you our best wishes, little bear

              PS I agree with the other girls--pale yellow is a really wonderful color (and it looks great with white trim). But, you'll know what's best for you and your kids when the time comes! Keep us posted!


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                hi Congratulations on the job and house! I am so happy for you and your family. wink

                grouphug kissing angel



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                  My husband has been repainting our kitchen this past week. We went to Menards and got some paint and some books-there are a ton of ideas in them. Lots of different techniques-maybe if you have time you could look at the home improvement books there? Good luck!

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