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    Hi, I am new to this message board, but I am not new to IC. I have chronic IC. I have a metal implant in my spine. I was wondering if anyone else with IC has any type of metal implants such as hip, shoulder, knee , screws, etc. due to previous surgeries. I feel that possibly the metal implant I have may be causing the my IC. I come across a lady who has metal implants in her body and she also has IC. I am desperate and in so much pain and the medications have not worked. The dr has pushed and pushed me to have my bladder removed, but I feel that the metal implant that I had in the 70's has created this. I would love to hear from anyone who may have any type of metal implant.

    Gods Love and Light...Thank You

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    I am sure that your metal implant has not caused you ic.. No one knows what causes this diesease. Do you know the cap of your bladder? I and everyone else would all agree bladder removal is a last resort. Have you tried Elmiron, DMSO's, hydro's.. there is also the interstim for frequency and urgency.
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      I have tried all of it Elmiron, Dmso, have a hydro done each year. Interstim was ruled out due to my back surgery. Just looking for some answers. I also called Orthopaedic Dr. He is researching the metal implant for me. Also found out that xrays taken back in the 70's had high doses of radiation that destroys organs. I had hundreds of xrays back in the 70's. Thanks for you reply. I really appreciate your imput.

      Love and Light


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        I know this is stupid, but I have metal rods in my arm and metal wire in my jaw from car accidents back in the early 70's. I've always wondered (to myself) whether these metal pieces might lead to toxicity in my body that might have led to the IC. I've never discussed them with anybody--I know that the uros I've seen (7 of them) were all way to conservative to consider such a thing. Your question raises interesting thoughts . . . I wish I knew the answer, but I don't. I have a failed interstim in me that one alternative health care provider told me to get taken out immediately because it is too toxic to remain in my body. Haven't acted on that because as long as I take heavy duty narcotics for the IC, I don't want to have surgery--it's just too painful.

        My IC didn't start until a couple of decades after the car accidents. Some books I've read said that most IC'ers can pinpoint the date of onset. I can--for me, it was a hemorrhagic bladder that never got better. But what caused the bladder problem in the first place? I am convinced that until I know that answer, I can't get better. Wish you lots of luck, Sweetie. Keep us posted as to what you find out.


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          There isn't a whole lot of research to support the toxicity thing. But, many naturopathic and homeopathic doctors believe cystitis of any kind is caused by a sort of "allergic response." So, this could fit what you're describing. If I can remember where exactly I just read this, I'll get you that info. I've seen it multiple places, but some place really recently while I've been researching.

          I too can remember the exact date of onset of my IC. July 5, 2001.

          I lived in the dorms at school--shortly after the onset of my I.C. our dorm got evacuated due to toxic levels of stachybotrys. (Toxic mold.) I had lived in toxic mold for two years. Never before this had I had a single health problem or allergy. I am not allergic to a list of things--food, medicine, environmental. I've been tested and am allergic to every type of mold that exists--even mushrooms.

          Food for thought huh? Too bad there is no legal recourse since things like these are so hard to prove. I wish there was a better system.


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            I will never ever have my bladder removed - Oh no, I'm keeping what god has giving me, And I'm to young for that.
            Angela aka sleepyangel30


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              WELCOME TO THE ICN FRAN!

              I suspect that there are a number of things that make us more likely to get IC. Many people's IC began after a big change in their life or a surgery or time of stress. I believe all the stresses of other problems in our bodies makes us more vulnerable to have IC.

              Good luck to you.
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                Hi there! Welcome! There are many theories as to the cause of IC, who knows, maybe some form of toxicity or injury precipitated yours. I have not had any of those things, however, and I know my IC was present in some form way back to HS. (I am 44)

                The big thing now is to keep trying to make yourself well and you have come to the right place for the basics!

                Hugs...............and hang in there!
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