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    I love valentines day .My husband and I have been toether for almost 30 years (highschool sweethearts) and I swear I love him more now than I did when I was a moonstruck 15 year old. I want to cook him a good dinner for valentines day. I haven't been able to cook for awhile now and I know he's missimg my good home cooking. I don't care if it takes me all day to do it! Tomorrow I'm frying chicken, mashing potatoes ,making gravy and cooking bisquits!! I do feel blessed.


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      Congrats to those with anniversaries! And hugs to everyone for Valentine's Day!

      Last night my sweetie and I went to a jazz club (one of the most romantic places in the city!) Tonight I'm cooking a special dinner and we're going to the movies.

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        Tonight we're going out for a romantic dinner for two, but that's about it because I am in a flare. Hubby came home yesterday with a big bouquet of pink roses (my favorite) and a huge teddy bear that says "Love" on the center...and then the year 2004 on the commemorate our first V-Day as a married couple...well kind of...last year does count I guess? I don't know. For our anniversary he bought me a diamond anniversary band that matches my engagement ring very well. Also got some Hershey's Pot of Gold sinister!!! Hehe. Hubbys are so great.

        Happy V-Day!!!
        Mommy to 2 crazy, wonderful kids and wife to the most amazing man in the world!


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          wwoooohhhooo jess did our hubby's talk and not tell us **wink** I got a beautiful band with 8 tiny hearts and a diamond in each one.. (I got it early tho)... hubby's home gonig to have a quiet steak dinner (cautiously fo me) and watch movies..
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            Hi gals, looks like everyone is having a great Valentine's day. Hubbys are great Jess, I agree, mine is cooking dinner, I had a beautiful mushy card, the two little bears that kiss and she blushes, a stuffed dog and a new mug in pink with a big heart on it, so I cannot complain at all, he is definitely a keeper and I love him to pieces, even after 38 years. Betsie, the book you are reading is excellent, have read it, there is also a follow up book to that, have got it, but not read it yet. Cindy and Jess, new rings, sound like they are both beautiful. Hope that the day is going well for everyone, Happy Valentine hug for each of you, love Iris.
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