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what should i say to the doctor thursday?

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  • JAF
    One thing that might help is to print out the material that you want to discuss with her so that you are better able to discuss it with her. You can print stuff from the message boards if that is what you want or another option is to go to the ICN guest lecture series and if a Dr. has presented something you want to discuss print that out. Here is the link to the guest lecture series.

    When I went and saw my Dr. I took information with me and he was very willing to work with me. Becoming informed and being an advocate to your medical care is the best thing you can do for yourself. Good luck and if you have any more questions, ask away.

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  • gloriabono
    started a topic what should i say to the doctor thursday?

    what should i say to the doctor thursday?

    I am going to see my doctor again tomorrow but i am unsure how to say what i should say. Maybe she is saying she doesnt know how to help me because i am not explaining myself right or something.
    I never even heard of elmiron or elavil until i got on this i am just wondering how i should mention these things or any other kinds of treatments that might be available....
    wasnt sure where to post this me at [email protected]