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i'm 21 yrs old with ic

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  • i'm 21 yrs old with ic

    my name is amanda i' was dagnosed wih ic when i was 19 i also have kidney stones since i was 10. had my rt ovary removed cause it was twisted and dead. before i was diagnosed with ic my urologist told me nohing was wrong with me and i was faking it and i was just there for a fix. i'm always in pain i'm going crazy we have tried alot of things but nothing worked we tried bladder installitions ( the hepren cocktail mix) they jus made it worse i was on elmron for 2 yrs nothing felt better and nothing helps. i went to a pain specialist who has delt with ic he gave me two choices one was to get a surgical implant( like a tends unit) to send electronic signals to my brain to try to stop the spasms in my bladder.(witch another lady who had ic tried it but no relief).but the second choice was to get a pain pump surgicaly with a tiny catherder that was laced down my spine and came out my back and attached to a machine that delivered the drug diloted right to my spine. i tried the 2 week trial it was so bad that i had a spinal head ache (1 of the side affects) they took i out after a week cuz of head aches( it was the worst pain i ever felt and i would never do it again!! now i'm on heavy norcotics like oxycotin and perkocet they help a lil but not much. i don't know how i still have my mind. please help me through this!

    my med list
    lyrica 75mg 2x daily(been on this med for a year feel no diff)
    ditropan 10mg 2x daily
    oxycotin 60 mg 2x daily
    perkocet 10mg 6x daily
    cipro 1x daily for 7 days
    seroquel 200mg 3 at nite/600mg a day

    prev meds
    other gnc products
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    I'm 20 and have a mild case of IC. I was dx when I was 19 too. I'm sorry that you are in such pain, it really sucks to be so young and living with this bs disease! Does your dr specialize in IC?? Maybe you might look into finding a specialist. I'm not sure what other treatments there are other then instills and elmiron... maybe someone else will be able to answer your cry for help. If you ever need to talk please feel free to pm me. (((((HUGS)))))


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    Dxd with IC in June '06