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Did you have ureter replacement as a child or at any time?

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  • Did you have ureter replacement as a child or at any time?

    My kidney / bladder function problems began at birth but docs did not know in 1973 what exactly was the problem until my ped sent me to a uro and they did x-rays that showed that I had fine ribbons of what were to be ureters. When they opened me up at age 2, they found that I had been so sick and having stomach trouble because I was having total reflux my ureters were not working and on top of that, my what were supposed to be ureters were not implanted into the bladder at all where they were supposed to be. My bladder and uterus were mis-shapened and not located correctly. My left kidney was also smaller.
    My question: I am curious as to whether anyone else has had ureter replacement now has IC?
    Thank you for your responses.
    Georgia L
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    not that I am aware of. I guess if I did I would know by now.
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      Not me.

      Stay safe

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        When I had surgery about 4 years ago, the doctor said my ureter was swollen, but I had IC way before then.



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          Last year I did a test that showed that my ureters were not functioning properly. One was letting urine go back toward my kidney. Luckily no damage was done, but Uro did say that the reflux was something I was born with and that it was a possibility that having that urine go back into my empty bladder could have caused the ulcerations and constant infections I used to have. I had it corrected last year (really pretty simple surgery). My IC has gotten better and I have not had near the infections, but it could also be b/c I'm on Elavil and Elmiron; and Antibiotics after intercourse. Is definetly something to think about though!


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            yes my doc has said that the reflux and constant infections have surely played a part...
            thanks for your response!
            Faith is not believing God can; Faith is believing God will!