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Well it is back again!!!

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  • Well it is back again!!!

    Do you ever feel like it is a never ending battle... For awhile I have had no problems with my IC.. I was taken off my Elmiron in Dec and put on some nerve blockers and muscle relaxors.. I was doing really good.. very little problems even having to think or remember that I have IC.. Then it is back not bad this time but annoying.. I have days where the pain is bad and I want to cry and I hold my bladder area wishing things would just stop hurting.. then there are days when I just hurt when I pee or do to much activities... I so badly do not want to get back into the problems I was having before.. I was hoping the flares were gone and I could live a normal life again HAHAHAHA normal with IC yeah right... I finally got my medical back after moving to another state so now I can go see a doctor the only problem is the nearest URO that is in NV to me is in Reno..1 1/2 hrs away.. I keep hoping the internal med doc that I will be seeing will just help me with it but not to sure that is even possible... anyhow.. hope everyone is alright and I will talk to you later and again thanks for listening!!!!!!!!

    With all the pain in the world comes love and hope.. For someday they will find the cures for all the pain we suffer and just take it all away and we can again be pain free and enjoy life.. and remember those who suffer the same pains and sorrows are usually the ones with the most understanding hearts
    Hugs and Loves

    Multiple health issues.. IC , Type 2 diabetic, Knee problems (7 surgeries), Fibromyalgia, Cystoscope with botox injections done on 11/17/11, Hystorectomy in 2005, Asthma, Migraines, High BP, High colestoral, pseudotumor cerebri and Depression..