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Surgery again

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  • ICNDonna
    I think the procedure you mean is hydrodistention --- you can read about it in the Patient Handbook.

    I'm so sorry you're having such a difficult time. I hope your tomorrow is a better day.

    Warm hugs,

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  • Curlyfries
    Prayers For You!

    Oh I so know your pain and stress. PRAYERS for you to become validated and pain free!

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  • traceann
    Oh gosh Stacy you do have a lot on your plate right now!!! I'm with you in hoping the doc has some better treatment ideas for you! I'm just so sorry you have to deal with all of this! Yuck!


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  • stacyY
    started a topic Surgery again

    Surgery again

    HI everyone;
    Hope your all well and in good spirits. I once again am haveing another flare up. I am not surprised, only surprised it took this long to flare up since been under so much stress these last few weeks. Over the weekend I started haveing pains when going potty. I had this horrible cramping feeling right after i finished peeing. I even yelled it was hurting, every since, its been rolling down hill once again. Today i wasnted to get things done, I am still looking for a job. BUt now, i cant even walk around with out getting horrible cramps,and having to stop while walking. I walk so slow like an old lady,lol. Just driving set it off today.well, so then i call my doc office, and well I get to have surgery yippy!!! not really...
    BUt i have not had the cysticope done with the hyderoextention. or how ever it is spelled. but have to wait till april 2nd. Which is of course when your looking for a job and need one asap, this is not a good thing. I cant seem to keep up with things right now its just all crazy!!I was reading some of the new peoples posts, I feel so bad for them all, been threw such a terrible horrible experiance. I dont even have much of my bladder affected just 5-10% of mybladder. I have so much pain with so little effected, wow i cant even imagin it.
    BUt we each know our own suffering, we all know its a horrible experaince. I am to the end of my own ropes with all thats going on. Finding a job, loose of a friend, now to deal with this too. I was hopeing to find a job and be working. But no job as of yet. Plus i find out i dont qualify for the unemplyment like i thought i was going to. Because i didnt earn enough income last year. thanks to the FIA regulations. The system is so backwords.
    I am limmited to make only 500$gross income a month, loose my job, have no savings cos i make 500$ a month,yet FIA has no help except what i already have since i lost my job. And now no unemployment since i dont make enough to qualify for it. Now does it make since to anyone? cos it doesnt to me.
    I did file for disability, but the chances for it is very slim. Since i just have me and nobody to help, well it doesnt help any also.
    My stomach is just killing me, I have to wait for the doctor to call back but i am also going to get an endoscope done. But till then, i am enjoying a lovely diet of cereal. Other things seem to set it off.
    So anyways thats where i am not now. Hopefuly this doctor will find something new or differant and will lead to better treatment.
    take care everyone