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  • jen74
    Hi Stacy.
    I am so sorry you are not having luck with this doctor. I know how you feel. It is possible to have PFD and IC at the same time. I think she is wrong when she says that not emptying the bladder is not a part of IC. If you bladder is severely inflammed, then it is not going to work smoothly. JUst like when you have the stomach flu, your stomach does not work right, and therefore you vomit. This is just what I am thinking.
    I always feel like I do not empty my bladder all the way. This is an awful feeling, I know. Maybe check into some of the meds you are on and see if they could be aggravating this. I hope you get some relief real soon.

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  • humpieumpumkin

    This doctor doesn't seem quite "qualified" to treat your IC. Many of, including myself, have PFD. I happen to have high-tone, which at times makes it difficult, if not impossible to empty my badder. I also have IC. I get the urge to urinate and sometimes only a few drops comes out, then I go agian shortly after. I would suggest getting a second opinion. I am currently waiting to see my new uro(the 29th) and simply the thought of diffrent treatment options and techniques has given me hope again. It is a pain to switch doctors, I know. Between getting the records sent and possible travel it can be a real pain. Please seek a second opinion, you don't need to suffer. I'm sure you do have pfd. But you have IC too, and that needs to be treated. Hang in there.


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  • Trishann
    Stacy I know this is so upsetting to you. But I'm like Donna, you might want to get a second opinion. The guessing game is for the birds. And yes some medicine can cause retention and the pharmacy is pretty good about what's up with medicines.

    If you do decision to get an second opinion, you might want to call first and ask questions. Like do you treat people with IC. What kind of help is offer and etc?

    Hope you find out what is going on and get better soon,
    Sending hugs, Trishann

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  • ICNDonna
    If you're not feeling comfortable with what you are being told, I suggest you consider going elsewhere for a second opinion. You didn't say what meds you are on, but there are some that will cause retention. You might ask your pharmacist.

    Sending warm hugs,

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  • stacyY
    started a topic Been to the Urologist

    Been to the Urologist

    HI everyone;
    TOday i went to the doc for my presurgery check up. Well nothing went as well as i was hopeing it was going to go. I went to do the urine test, and once again, could not go! I couldnt belive it. I felt like i was about to pee my pants, and not a dang drop came out.
    So then they did a ultrasound, and she said there is 400cc. So then they did a catheder. Which it hurt, then when it got to a point,almost empty, it hurt, so i said so, so then she pulled it out and i started to cry instantly. Hurt so bad, infact it still hurts.
    I am so sick of this already. I have no idea why its doing this. After i left the doc i was able to go but had to strain so hard to get it to go again.
    Ohh yeah and now the doc say to me, umm you not being able to empty your bladder is not a real sign of IC. And i am worried about this cos it is constant,even before i was able to pee, but still they where able to get more out.
    So now she said, I think you need to go to physical tharapy all your insurance company. I think you might acculy have Pelvic Floor Disfunction.
    But i know i have IC also. They did the Cystohydro last year and found it.
    I have feeling my doctor is not very good with this condition or something. She keeps saying to me, she isnt sure how to treat me, and she isnt sure what to do next. Its making me crazy! If my doc doesnt know then how am i to know?
    Then she says your taking to much medication. I think thats what causing you not to be able to fully urinate.I am thinking there are too many doctors and each is saying one thing and the others are not on the same boat.
    All I know is that I am so frustrated! I am sick of not being able to pee! Ohh and I did ask my doctor about the white tissue which came out last friday,and i had to strain out so hard to pee. She told me that she didnt htink it was anything. And said it was probably vaginal discharge. Which is not true. I never had that before. And i know it didnt come from that area. I never had anything liek that before vaginaly.
    I really just do not know what to do. After the surgery i will wait to see what she says. But maybe i need to look for a new one.I dont know. Any surgerstions? IF I have the Pelvic Floor Disfunction, do i see a ob/gyn or a urologist? She never told me. She just said to go for Phyical tharapy. But i am not sure if that is eve possible cos of my insurance is not to good. I tried once and the place didnt except my insurance.
    Any advice??
    thanks everyone