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Saw DR. PHILLIP HANNO at Univ. of Penn

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  • Saw DR. PHILLIP HANNO at Univ. of Penn

    I saw Dr. Phillip Hanno at the University of Penn Medical Center in Philadelphia. I live 50 miles from Philadelphia, and I saw him as a second opinion. I don't know how much I can say about him, due to posting guidelines. I believe you can't say anything negative, but it would be all positive anyway. Basically, he makes his diagnoses on SYMPTOMS ALONE. I did bring my cysto/hydro/biopsy results to him as well, but he says that those are not always reliable, and he makes HIS diagnoses on symptoms. He first starts you out on Elavil. He doesn't actually use Elmiron, due to it's low percentage of success. But I AM actually on Elmiron from my first urolgist, and the one I will probably have to keep due to the distance that Dr. Hanno is from me. He also wanted me to participate in the Elavil clinical trial that he is conducting right now, but unfortunately, I cannot do that at this time. But he is a great, caring, and brilliant doctor, if you are in the Philadelphia area...

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    I'm go glad you had a good visit!
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