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Overactive Bladder or IC???

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  • Overactive Bladder or IC???

    Ok here's my story. As long as I can remember I have the need to go uriate often. I'm now 39. Recently, I had my bouts with burning, and what I think are yeast infections. All tests blood and urine are negative. They last a couple of days then go away.

    I am seeing a gyn, who wanteed to treat me for IC without any testing. Which I thought was odd. So, I started seeing a Uro. He started me on Detrol, it didn't work, Then went to Ditropan XL didn't work. I'm currently on Sanctura once a day. On day 10. Not sure if it is working. I still seem to go alot., How long does it take to work?

    This board seems to be quite helpful. If anyone has any answers, they will be helpful. Thank you.