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Day after surgery!

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  • ihurttoo
    Glad to hear that the surgery is behind you now. I hate that you cant stay home and rest today. If you dont feel like it, please reschedule and dont push yourself to go to the interview. We just have one you, and dont want to risk anything happening to you!

    Sorry I missed your post yesterday, but I see that you got some great support. I am so glad that you are okay.

    Hope you feel better and your sore throat eases up. (Those tubes they insert during the surgery has probobly caused the sore throat.) But, be extra good to yourself today! If you do go, then good luck on your interview!

    Sending well wishes and hugs,

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  • stacyY
    started a topic Day after surgery!

    Day after surgery!

    I just wanted to thank everyone for all of your thoughts. Its so great to wake up and read them after a day like yesterday.
    Boy I did sleep well after i layed down. Wakeing up, my throat is hurting when i swallow, and my right side is aching like crazy, and my god my urethra is so swelled, its go go potty!
    Which from the 1st surgery, i had whole differant experaince. The next day, my body hurt like i did a 10000 sit ups,but then i had my engery same day of surgery and i didnt have any pains or anything till 3-4 days after surgery.
    Maybe its just he differance of the doctors, or maybe its the fact she did not do all that the other doctor did. I will deffinatly ask for my medical records. Its a great idea. And i will deffinatly be asking if ever a Potassium sensitivity test was ever done.
    Tonight i have to go for a job interview. which i really am wishing i didnt have to do I feel like crap now.
    The nurse said cos I had acid reflux, i culdnt eat anything after 8pm,lol but i found out like 2 days latter that it was after 12:45 just to be there, so i did eat latter in the night like 11pm. Thats still an extreamly long time to not eat. I wasnt that hungery though, so that was a good thing.I was allowed water, but that was it.
    Thanks everyone for all your thoughts. I am very greatful to have the suport i have here