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PFL? Need any help I can get.

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  • PFL? Need any help I can get.

    Hey everyone,
    Hope all is doing well. Lattly I have not been doing to well. Not been back to the doctors since surgery yet. Just talk to the nurse on the phone. Still have long way to go before i get in to see her.
    But sheis feeling that I have the PFD. I have been haveing so much muscle pains not to be blunt to much, but in the anel muscle and also in the vaginal area also. I have been trying to find some and any info about it. It all says the same thing. But i need to know what i can do at home. My insurance will not pay for me to go to physical tharapy at all. I even had told my family doctors nurse to see if she can talk with the insurace company and no replay. Every day and not I am feeling this pain the rectel pain and then moves to vaginal pain. Its begining to just be torcher to sit up. Let alone anything to deal with the IC. After i take mortin and flexeril it seems to let up, but if i keep taking flexeril i will just be sleeping my life away. Being that the muscles are feeling so tence and tight, I am not sure to do kegel exercises, seems that just make them more tight.
    Tomarrow i think I will try to get in to see her sooner. I cant keep feeling this same pain day after day its driving me nuts. Since i still do not have a job, not like i can just go pay for it.
    Just wondering if anyone out there has PFD, and what they can do at home, what kinds of meds you take for it, cos most likely i have them here at my home, and this kind of info. I have heard of the tends unit,which is not an option since i dont have a job.
    I just have this horrible presure ache feeling i dont even know how to deal with it, no help from teh doc as of yet. I am even wondering which doctor to see for it. Do i see my urologisst or see an og/gyn for it?
    I am half tempted to see my ob/gyn. I might get in to see her before the urologist. So please if anyone has any info let me know. I am just in so much discomfort and pain i cant stand it.

    Current Conditions:
    IC,Feb 06

    Prenecious Anemia
    Stomach Ulcers
    Acid Reflux
    Low Blood Sugar

    Gaul Bladder-1996


    Elmiron,100mg 2am 2pm
    Seasonique,1 night(helps control pain for Endo)Provera, 10mg 1 night
    Elavil, 150 1pm
    Flexeril, 10mg 1 night(was to be 1 am also but makes me to sleepy)
    Prilosec,20mg 1am 1pm
    Zoloft,100mg 1 pm
    Topamax 25mg 1am 2pmCyannobalamin(b12), 1 injection every 2 weeks
    Reglan, 10mg, 1 3xday with meals-for duonditis
    Ultram 50mg 1 every 4hrs as needed for pain
    Pyridim,100mg as needed
    Vicodin 5/500 as needed for pain
    Heating pad
    Ice Pack
    Arthritis Pain Equate brand 650mg usualy 2 at a time
    Stool softeners w/stimuli, 2am 2pm[/COLOR]

    Hopefuly no more gets added to the list!!!

    I wish the best for all of you and hope the days with pain are few. I wish you peace and calmness... for we all need it, with out it... the pain is worse.
    Try to take the best care of you that you can. When you are not happy with the care you get dont hesitate to get the help you need. Sometimes a 2nd opinion can give the calm and peace which you are seeking.
    My prays go to all of you. For I know there are many who are have many bad days and need a shoulder.. Always remember this site, for its made a huge differance to me and many people. Here you can find the the ear your looking for when you just need to vent.
    When your not looking for Im so sorry and I have no idea what can help you. Here we understand the pains the suffereing and most of all the Constant frustration. For anyone who needs it.. I will do my best to be the ear who can listen and help how ever I can. All my best to all of you.
    Dont forget to take care of you!
    Take care