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  • from bad to good?

    Hello everyone,
    Just a quick question. . . last week I had my 2nd Hydro, and my doc said "My bladder looks good". After the first hydro, they told me my bladder "had moderate glomerations". Is it possible for bladder to "get better"?

    after my first hydro, I had almost 4 months relief from both pain and frequency, but somewhere around March 1st, I began to have another flare so I asked my uro, if we could do another hydro. . . luckily he obliged, and I have been feeling much better since. . .

    I also suffer from chronic UTI's and was wondering . . . does your doctor give you antibiotics to keep at home, or do you have to go in and get tested each time you think you have one?

    thanks alot!