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Need help with article on men with IC

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  • Need help with article on men with IC

    Hi, my name is Stacey Shannon and I am a freelance journalist (and ICer). I write numerous articles for the "IC Optimist," the ICN's publication.

    Right now I'm putting together an article for the summer issue about men with IC. I'd love to talk with some male ICers either through e-mail or over the phone. Questions would include things like when you were diagnosed, your most bothersome symptoms, treatments that have helped you (both medical and self-help), how you cope with IC, etc.

    I will also ask for information like your name, geographic location and age. However, you choose whether you'd like to be anonymous for this and to what degree. (For example, I could use your geographic location and age only.)

    I need to have my interviews finished by May 22. If you're at all interested, please respond to this post, PM or e-mail me at [email protected]. I will leave it up to you whether we correspond electronically or over the phone. You can call me or give me your number and a good time to call you - whatever is easiest.

    Thanks so much for reading all of this!
    ~ Stacey