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  • Been MIA..sorry

    Right now, I'm so confused. I have seen 3 doctors, each one telling me something different.

    I've gone through a 6 weeks series of instills, maybe 50% better but activity brings on the bladder spasms. I got a second opinion, that doctor said activity has nothing to do with bladder spasms and its not my bladder that has the problem, it's my pelvic floor. He says I have IC but I need to get my muscles stretched (!!!!???) by a physical therapist. Ok, then I had another doctor to did the scope tell me I didn't have IC that it was over active bladder. Well I'm done with these doctors. I'll stick with the one that's giving me the instills and be done with it. One doctor wants to do a hydro destention and I dont want that. He also wants to use different meds in my bladder and see if I'm possibly allergic to one. I asked the nurse how do you know if you're allergic...her response was " OH YOU'LL KNOW!!!". Now this guy is supposed to be the expert on IC in my city..and I'm not impressed. He was condesending, rude and very stuck on himself. He made me feel horribly low because I wasn't taking Elmiron orally. Well I had my reasons for not doing that and I still am open to it but with all the medications I'm on, I just wanted to try and go without it. It seems like some of this should be my decision. I went to see him as a second opinion and they start ordering tests and scheduling me for different things and I was like --JUST STOP! I'm not ready to leave my own doctor yet and go into something totally different. I just wanted a second opinion. Now, I know this isn't from menapause, nor is my pelvic floor the cause. I got this from a medication that was prescribed for me by mistake and at a very high lethal dose. The doctor that prescribed it even said it was a mistake and could cause all kinds of problems. My symtoms started after 3 days of being on the medicine he prescribed. Now I know that most doctors don't want to talk negative about other doctors so when I tell my story they get all paranoid and start saying that's not the cause. Even the drug company said it could cause cystitis if taken at a high dose. I don't mean to write a novel here but I'm really sick of either not getting enough information or getting shoved around like a puppy. And that's what this last guy did. He did a pelvic on me that hurt me so darn bad I had tears. I dont know how many times someone has to push against your bladder to see if it hurts you but that was the last time. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. I'm staying with my regular uro doctor and getting my instills when I need them and that is the end of that.

    I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend.


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    Instills- Once a week, Elmiron, Kenalog, Lidocaine, Sodium Bicarb.
    Daily Meds:

    Trileptal 600 mg for Bi Polar
    Respiradal Mood stabalizer
    Vicoden, 5.5 as needed for pain/stopped
    Bentyl for bladder spasms
    Urelle for burning
    Prevacid for Acid Reflux
    Lorazapem for Anxiety attacks as needed
    Ultram for pain
    Fentanyl Patch 75 mcg for pain/stopped due to skin rash