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    In the June 19 issue of Woman's World magazine, there is an article that mentions IC as one of the 4 reasons for painful sex. It then goes on to explain a little bit about IC. The article is titled "What to do when sex hurts". The 4 they list are 1. vaginal dryness 2. chronic vulva pain 3. urinary tract infections and 4. INTERSTITIAL CYSTITIS! That's great, at least it is continuing to get out in the magazines and not seem like such a rare disease. It's worth reading! Thank you.

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    I'll pick up a copy my next trip to town.

    Stay safe

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      cool beans


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        I just read this article and it made me angry

        Its says that "a urologist will use a small telescope to check the bladder wall for areas of bleeding-and this check often fixes the problem by destroying nerving endings that send pain signals..."

        Has that helped any one on here?!!?!? Honestly I wish it were that easy It does mention the use of Elmiron and also L-arginine "for three months" (never even heard of that) It just makes me so mad that now that magazines are starting to publish IC related articles it seems like they're just blowing it off and that its easy to treat and diagnoise when in fact most of us are still trying to cope with it. I understand that they want to give us all hope, but articles like this are the one's that my mother-in-law will read and then tell me "well, why haven't you just done that and been cured already". Its just not that simple. I'd like to see an article that deals with how frustrating and depressing IC really is. Maybe I'll start writing it....