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Fibromyalgia question

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  • Fibromyalgia question

    Hello everyone,

    I have pretty much the same story, I have had IC for 12 yrs now.
    But, my question today is with all of the other symptoms I feel as though
    I have gallons of water though out my body, my legs hurt and feel heavy.
    Actually my whole body hurts and feels heavy. And, it does not feel like
    normal weight gain. I have not been eating enough for that to happen.
    I know when I frist started having symptoms I felt this way, then I was put
    on Ultram and I that went away along with more weight.
    I am wondering if anyone could poss. tell me if it is just having IC or is it
    from the Fibro. .... I'm sure I am asking a question that is very hard to answer. Since there are so many symptoms. I have also become very constipatied since I have been put on some new pain meds. Does anyone
    know if when you constipated does it cause your whole body not just your
    stomach to feel bloated? Going nuts here !!!

    Thank you for anyone that reply's ... I am just now starting to use this and
    not sure how it works to the T. Could anyone give me tips on how to view your profile and set your settings. I don't even see how to view your profile on here. But, I seem to be very out there with all these meds. So I have a hard time now with doing very simple things.

    Thanks so much - Mesh