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  • ICNJess
    Good luck with the new doctor, I hope they are able to help you.

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  • stacyY
    started a topic Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone
    Well I thought i would post how i am doing since its been a while since i been here. I have acculy been doing well lattly. No major flare ups at all. WEll untill today, hopefuly its a one day thing.
    I had my surgery in April and well that didnt go to well. Seemed to cause more problems then anything else. So July 6th I am going to go to the Univerity of Michigan Hopsital. Also my Ob/Gyn, she is so confuesed also, so she is also refered me to the same place so acculy I will just see 1 doctor who will be manageing both,
    When i talked with my family doctor she basicaly said I go to there or to the Mayo Clinic they are my only hope to get down to the bottom of things. So its good I live in michigan I guess. At least my insurance will pay for me to to fo U of M hopsital.
    Other then that, life is still moving on, Still looking for a job. I tried to go to a place its called Michigan works, where its a state agency they help either retrain, or re-educate. I went to the orintation, talked with them, The problem i have to garentee I can work 40 hrs a week. Well we all know with IC 40 hrs is not possible. for the last 2 years it rear that i work a full week. So they basicaly refused me. But then they gave me a number to try a place which is ment for people who get SSI. But said it might be a better chance. I will wait to see what happend on the 6th and go from there. If they say i need surgery again for any reason they i will delay things.
    Its been a real strain not working since March. I been able to have a great friend who is able to help me out during this time. And i managed to get a few baby sitting jobs, pt. But not enough to cover things, so thank god for friends.
    WEll I hope everyone is doing well, I wish you all the best. take care and i will update you when i get back on the 6th.
    take care of you...