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  • running with IC

    I can't run right now but eventually I'd like to...has anyone with IC had success in getting back into a rigorous workout routine? I'm determined to beat this! If a man with no legs (I think?!) can climb Mt. Everest, I can run a marathon with this bladder, right?

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    Some people with ic can get back to a normal routine while others can't because it throws them into a flare. It is a different scenario for each icer.I wish you alot of luck hugs.
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      As long as my IC isn't flaring I can maintain a fairly vigorous workout routine. I believe I could take up running despite IC as well if only my knees would allow for that. As Roseanne Roseannadanna says, "It's always something!"
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        I ran about 25 miles a week before I developed IC. Unfortunately I have not been able to resume running. Of all of the things I had to give up, I miss running the most!



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          I can't either. It will cause a flare for me. I will feel a sensation of having to go to the bathroom all of the time. It is not worth it for me to run. I can do some elliptical and arm work outs but that is pretty much it for now anyway!


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            thank you all for your messages! Right now any exercise (including the recumbent bike) produces a flare...but my bladder is uber damaged...the pics from my cysto showed red cracks everywhere so I think I'll not work out for a few months and just eat well and maybe some plan is run a marathon in 2012...give myself a year to heal! thoughts?


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              I hope you can do it! I went cross country skiing today, no good. What marathon are you going to run? My mom and brothers have run many marathons. I stuck mostly to 5-10 K.