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    Well... it's been a pretty good run this time! My last hydro/cysto lasted for about 11 months this time! Granted, it took a lot longer than the previous 3 to "kick" in but, it finally did! The down side is that it never last forever and now, I'm back at square 1 in the pain department! I cannot take ANY type of pain meds except tylenol (that includes ALL narcotics, anti-inflammatories and even the newer pain meds such as ultram or nucynta) because they all irritate my bladder and make my pain MUCH WORSE! So.... here's the deliema.. Do I put my body through ANOTHER hydro/cysto with general sedation (MY 5th)?? Just how many of these procedures can the bladder withstand over time? Am I causing myself more, long-term trauma to the bladder by having these repeat procedures? If anyone has the answers to these questions, i would love to hear them! I've tried just about every med out there (unless there are any newer ones that you would like to share your experiences with) and have gotten no relief from any of them. My body is tired! My brain is tired! My "grin and bear it" is no longer grinning and totally unable to bear it! I don't know what to do! Need some support from you guys! Thanks in advance and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!

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    I have had over forty hydrodistentions. My last one was 14 months ago --- when my symptoms return full blast, I'll probably have another. So far my bladder looks about the same as it did when I was diagnosed 36 years ago.

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      I'm just sooooo miserable! Back to work after the holidays today and just don't know how I'm gonna make it! Wanted to wait until Spring Break to have the hydro but pretty sure that's not gonna happen! Not sure if I can wait much longer! I'm just SAD, SAD, SAD!!!