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  • ICNDonna
    Are you on physical therapy for your PFD?

    You'll find link to the 2009 IC/PBS Food List in my signature below. It's printable (You'll want to print it landsacape) and should be a huge help to you. Sticking with the diet, in addition to being sure you are drinking enough, is the best advice I can think of.

    Sending warm healing thoughts,

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  • ic312
    started a topic Overwhelmed


    It has been over three years since my symptoms started. I could spend hours in the bathroom constantly going and never feeling any relief. When I would try to void it usually started okay, but then I would get that feeling like there was still a little more left which would never go away no matter how much I would push, strain, and eventually go. At first I thought it was because I had gained back a lot of weight rather quickly and had recently stopped taking Yasmin, which I had been using for hormone reasons (although I was recently told that I do not have PCOS). I was also having problems with constipation as well. It wasn't until this summer that I was diagnosed with IC, IBS, and PFD.

    I have tried Detrol (which seemed to help with the urgency/frequency, but only made my retention feel worse) and Amitriptyline (which seemed to only make me need to urinate and leak more). This has really gotten me confused about whether I have muscles that are too tight, too loose/weak, or maybe some kind of combination. I don't know. I get particularly overwhelmed with all the medication options because is seems that while one may help me with one or two symptoms, it could make another one worse.

    I am still trying to figure out the whole diet thing because I also have to figure out what foods may be contributing to my IBS. I have tried Metamucil, but it looks like I am going to have to try acacia fiber instead.

    Also, I seem to go back and forth with feeling like at times I need to go but can't and other times I feel like I need to go but can't stop. In fact, after a catheter was used to see how much urine retention I was experiencing, I felt like I was going to leak but was told that there wasn't anything there and ended up having a small leak maybe a couple minutes tops after the catheter anyways.

    I know that this probably isn't the most detailed post, but this whole thing has become very overwhelming and it seems that it has taken complete control of my life. If you have any suggestions or advice they would be greatly appreciated.