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    Hope everyone had good holidays. My wish for all of you for the new Year is the best health,peace and healing...
    I know that I dont have IC because my biopsy was neg. and finally saw a good gyn guy that is treating me for vulvovaginitis or I'm doing the white coton underwear no perfume soaps and everything i can think of....The burning is somewhat gone but i"m left with extremely sensitive labia minor.. anything that rubs or touches it tingle,itches and hurts...
    Is there anything else i can do to help...if anyone out there has this problem I would appreciate any hints on what to do. I cant wear pants so in dress with stay up nylons.....
    I'm not on any current medications. will this settle down I hope....anyway will be thinking of everyone from this forum you are all great and you all help me cope......
    Pierrette (sleeplessnights)

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    Hope your doc is correct! All I can add to this is our PT who is extremely knowledgeable about IC and vulvular/related problems treats A LOT of women with vulvular conditions, so that may be another option for you. She says they do get relief, she can't cure 'em but she can help them.

    Good luck to you, stay in touch and let everyone know how you are doing. Jill, wife of Bob


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      Have you tried sitting in a tub of warm water with about a cup of Epsom salts? That can be very soothing. That or baking soda.

      I hope you can find something that helps.....hugs.........
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