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Pain meds cause PAIN

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  • Pain meds cause PAIN

    Am I the only one here that gets WORSE when they take any kind of pain meds? Of course, I can tolerate tylenol but it does nothing for the pain. Can't take any type of NSAID due to bleeding gastritis. ANY type of opiod causes my symptoms to become WORSE than before taking the drug. Sometimes, I just get desperate to see if life was just playing a cruel joke on me and I'll try the opiods again and YEP.... EVERYTIME, increased pain! The ones Ive tried are : hydrocodone (vicodin, etc), darvocet, codeine, ultram (tramadol) and nycynta.... They all do the same thing! I am in so much pain and can get NO RELIEF!!!
    Last edited by donnadb040; 01-24-2011, 02:47 PM. Reason: Didnt' mean to imply that pain meds were bad for all IC patients.... JUST ME!

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    I bet you're not alone in that. Meds affect different people in different ways. Every time I've tried any serious type of pain medication it's made me sick as a dog and I end up thinking the pain felt better! But, -I'm just speaking of things like a broken bone or root canal. IC pain is a whole 'nother pain level!

    I'm so sorry you're suffering!

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      Maybe you need to talk to your uro about other treatment plans.
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        i'm pretty sure that i have exhausted the extent of my doctor's treatment plans! Going in Friday for my 6th hydro/DMSO/heparin instill... have tried lyrica, neurontin, amitriptyline, atarax, tagamet (for mast cell tx), elmiron, TENS, PT, heat etc. etc. etc.... I'm literally at my wits end! What do you do when NOTHING works and you are in CONSTANT pain?????


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          Well, I'm off to see the wizard (or doc, in this case). Sure wish he was a wizard and could put a spell on me and take this all away!! Started back on my atarax last night. It's 3:00 pm and I'm still a zombie!! Only took 12.5 mg! I hate feeling drugged!!! Oh well, tis life!


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            I don't know how many times I've specifically requested some magic pills --- unfortunately, there aren't any yet. I hope you're helped by the hydro tomorrow.

            Sending gentle hugs,
            Stay safe

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              Thanks Donna! The hydro went off without a hitch and I am doing surprisingly well! Not having to take any meds for pain and only having slight cramping (similar to menstrual cramps)... I am so excited that I seem to be doing so well! Started on the Elmiron today too and I am so nervous about the hair loss but I gotta give it a fair shot this time!