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Not sure if it's IC, but it sounds like it!

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  • Not sure if it's IC, but it sounds like it!

    I'm not sure if I have IC or not, but I definitely have most of the symptoms! Frequent need to pee, up 1-4 times per night, some pelvic/testicular pain, etc.

    I saw a urologist; prostate is normal, thankfully, but he wanted to do a bunch of tests involving catheters...and that's when I bolted. Really hoping I can figure this out without going through such invasive testing.

    FWIW, I gave up coffee nearly six months ago, and that seemed to help for a bit, but I'm still having to go way more often than I'd like.

    When I found this site (just yesterday), I read up on some of the possible dietary triggers for these symptoms. Sure enough, I regularly consume many of them. So I'm eager to try Prelief and see if that makes a difference.

    Anyone have any thoughts on the pros/cons of Kegel exercises? I can definitely tell those muscles are weak, though I'm not sure how they got that way.

    Thanks for listening!

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    Hi welcome a good start is to follow the diet closely all of it, if you want to avoid invasive procedures, this may help you the most especially if cutting out coffe helpped some, the thing is until you get you bladder under control you need to cut out all problematic foods, not just relie on prelief.

    For the most part you will find people who use the prelief follow the diet closely too.

    Good luck MG

    PS the caths are not as bad as they sound.
    My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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      to the IC Network.

      I agree that it's a good idea to give the diet a try. You'll find the link to the latest food list in my signature below. Prelief is a valuable tool, but doesn't allow most of us to eat foods from the caution list.

      If your symptoms persist, you may want to consider pursuing the diagnostic testing. I think of it this way --- if I have an earache, my doctor is going to want to use an instrument to look inside my ear to find the problem --- it's sort of the same thing with a bladder problem --- visualizing the bladder lining can be a valuable tool in diagnosis.

      I hope the diet helps.

      Sending healing thoughts,
      Stay safe

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        Unfortunately testing is part of the process. You need them to make sure that it isn't anything more serious. IC is a diagnosis of elimination. So many other problems can resemble IC symptoms. I agree, the catheter isn't that bad. For myself, I am glad they ruled out all the other possibilities and even though a diagnosis of IC is nothing to jump up and down about, it was a huge relief to have a name for what I was experiencing.

        I hope you find relief soon.
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          Hey! Welcome to the forum. Believe it or not, Kegel exercises are NOT recommended for IC patients. Jill has an article about this somewhere on the site. (And I think it was mentioned in her interview with Dr Robert Moldwin.) Apparently this is because with I.C, the muscles are actually too tense, rather than too loose, so tensing them even more just makes matters worse! Kegel exercises are meant to be for people with incontinence and leakage issues, rather than I.C.

          Jem x


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            So sorry, Tired,

            My hub was DXed a few years ago with IC AFTER going through prostate surgery where he removed 1/3 of his prostate and then after symptoms persisited (frequency, urgency, burning and pain) he said "didn't think that was going to help you." So you are real fortunate your prostate is AOKAY. He (the uro) did the in office potassium sensitivity test after first scoping him in office, which only took a few seconds, it was painful, but he gave Bob rescue instill which relieved him almost immediately. He was diagnosed right then and there. It is uncomfortable to say the least, but maybe if you have a driver with you he will prescribe something for you ahead of time at least for your anxiety. You don't want to take a lot for pain stuff ahead of time because unfortunately the pain is part of the PST, but it only lasts a minute. Catheters are not that bad, ask him to numb your penis first, you won't feel it going in. Trust me, Bob has had so much catheter stuff, he has done it himself at home. If you need more details you are welcome to PM us. Jill, wife of Bob