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Does anyone have suggestions for a 77 year old with IC

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  • Does anyone have suggestions for a 77 year old with IC

    I am a 77-year-0ld male that has been suffering from Interstitial Cystitis for the past two years. I have been taking Elimorin for aout 10 months is seem to help some, but with hunners ulcers I have blood in my urine and blood clots most all the time. My doctor tried the DMSO treatment twice each time my bladder would go into a spasm an reject the treatment. Thanks to the IC-network i found information on the DMSO Cocktail, which consist of
    50ml Rimso-50 DMSO
    10-20,000 IU heparin
    40 mg triamcinolone
    10 ml sodium bicarbonate
    80 mg gentamicin
    Has any one tried this, who had hunners ulcers, if so what were the results. I have been taking Prelief Tablets for aout two weeks and my bleeding has become much less.

    I am going back to my doctor the 7th of Feb. If you have any suggestions as to what might help my situation please let me know so I can cover this with him.

    Frank 77

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    When I had DMSO instillations they instilled lidocaine first, then the DMSO mixture. The first few treatments were pretty awful and I was ready to say "no more" when I woke up one morning and realized I'd slept through the night. That was enough to convince me and I continued having the instillations monthly for several years before they stopped helping.

    Also, if elmiron is beginning to help, it may work even better in time.

    Are you following an IC diet? That can be extremely important.

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      i had instils made of elmiron and solucortef. they worked wonderful, especially in combination with the ic diet. i tried heparin instils before and felt horrible with them. maybe the elmiron/solucortef could be added to your cocktail, or done with just the two of them.

      good luck with your appointment and let us know how your feeling.

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