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  • Hi everyone!!

    I am glad to have found you all!! My bladder has always been a little more "overactive" than the average person. About 2 years ago I got a couple of UTI's and my primary doctor suggested I go see a urologist. I went and he did the cystoscopy to rule out IC. It was ruled out and I had 2 years of being UTI free!!! In 2010 I started getting the UTI's again. The frustrating thing would be that when they just did the urine dip in the doctor's office no infection would show up. But if it was sent out(My urologist usually refused to send it out- perhaps a pride issue??) it usually came back with some bacteria... and the course of antibiotics would commence. The antibiotics would kick in and things would get better, however, there reached a point that the antibiotics did nothing for my symptoms It seems that the bugs had gotten resistant to them. It was an awful time and I even ended up in the hospital for a week (intravenous antibiotics and all).

    Anyway, a decided to go to another urologist and get a second opinion. The urodynamics workup and was done as well as another cystoscopy and again normal-- he said that I may be developing IC and had OAB. I tried vesicare for a bit (a big deal for me because I hate anything pharmaceutical). It constipated me terribly and my primary advised me to get off of it.
    He then told me to get on Elmiron and even though I filled the prescription I have never taken it. I am leaving it as a last resort but hope to NEVER have to take it. What I have been doing to help myself is:

    I consult with a homeopathic doctor locally. She put me on colloidal silver. I find the sovereign brand to wrk really well. I was told (and did my own research) that if an infection is present you take a teaspoon 8x a day for 7 days. I am still trying to find my proper maintenace dose. My homeopath wants me to get on D-Mannose when I finish the colloidal round but we will see. I also changed my diet to reduce my candida. I was FULL of candida. Imagine years of antibiotics - not to mention the intravenous ones. I could not be without an infection and to top it off the antibiotics were not helping me anymore just giving me candida. I eat mostly veggies and resently my husband and I got into smoothies and pulsed salads (raw) to boost my immunity. I was also on garlic pills for a bit. I was on myomin to help me with break through bleeding (bleeding between your period) and it has helped tremendously. I also take a supplement especially for bladder and kidney support which my homeopath muscle tested for me to see it effectiveness for me and proper dosage. I also take enzymes (again muscle tested for correct one and proper dosage). I had read on an English site that the body not breaking down the proteins properly can contribute to IC.

    I also consult a herbalist (long distance) she monitors my candida detox and gives me things to repair my bladder. Cornsilk is something she recommended. It was interesting to note that there is one brand that really works well for me and not another one I was on first.

    Anyway, if you are still reading thank you for reading my story. My goal is to not have to take antibiotics ever again and be able to live as normal a life as possible. I always need to plan my life around there being a bathroom close by

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    Hey there and to the ICN! I too am glad you found us, but it's too bad it's under the IC circumstances, lol. Another great way to naturally control symptoms is the IC diet - have you tried that yet? It really was a huge help to me and I liked using it because it was something I could do for myself - no doc required and I had to eat anyway, lol. From reading your story, it sounds like you're no stranger to eating for managing health issues!!!

    Once again, nice to meet you and look forward to seeing you around the boards!
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      Hello Jeffmax,

      Welcome. I appreciate your post. It was very informative and it looks like your taking a lot of precautions before your symptoms worsen. I am glad the Cystoscopy showed a normal bladder. You have a great opportunity to take care of things before the diagnosis of I.C. Not many people get that chance. I am also glad to see that you are taking the natural approach. I think if you are able to tolerate the pain, that is the way to go especially if your body's resistant to antibiotics. Please continue to keep us all informed of your condtion and what seems to be helping. I wish you best of luck. Take care.