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    Hi everyone,
    I had my second child and during delivery I swear something didnt feel ''right''.
    I was very swollen and sore from the delivery and had problems urinating, I never felt like I ever completely emptied my bladder and my urethra always felt like it was throbbing or pulsing, ok I'm going to say it because I dont know how else to word it.. It would feel like I was about to orgasm. That tingly sensation that starts driving you nuts...yeah that one.
    I talked to my ob/gyn and he said it was just the swelling from birth and it would all go away.
    Well with taking care of a baby, you dont really dwell on how you feel too much, I was too busy.

    Fast forward 2 years and I get this wicked UTI, scrape money together (we didnt have medical insurance) and go back to the ob/gyn and he said uti take this all will be well... yeah no.
    It progressively kept getting worse, the throbbing tingly pulsing sensation (never any pain) in my lower pelvis and urethra. I would just sit and cry. I would take cranberry pills, drink cranberry like water, I would down gallons of water a day just to see if it would help. Nothing worked.
    It was so bad my church paid for me to see a urologist. He decided that I needed a cystoscopy with a urethral dilation. RIGHT THEN. I have never felt pain so bad in my life. No numbing solution no nothing. Just hey lets fill your bladder up to the point of bursting empty it and do it again THEN lets stick things the size of frigging nails up your urethra to stretch it out and send you home with a prescription for pain meds and detrol.
    Oh and when I tried to explain the sensation of what was going on he actually told me ''well maybe you need an orgasm, did you try manual stimulation?" I was like ___(blank face)____.
    After a week I went back in for a follow up visit. Nothing was better, but wow I could pee faster, and heres a weird trivia fact, if I drink something and go pee it rolls through my body so fast its STILL COLD WHEN I PEE IT OUT.
    Thank you urethral dilation.
    He then decided that I needed a hydro with all kinds of fun stuff in the mix.. I know he said something about lidacane in the hydro wash or some numbing solution to ease the spasms I was having.
    Go in the hospital have the procedure, I remember waking up and thinking GET THIS CATHETER OUT OF ME and I HAVE TO PEEEE. I had to wait an hour before they would take the cath out because they wanted the solution to be able to sit in my bladder and numb it. IT WORKED!
    I didnt even know I was peeing, heck I didnt even know when they took the cath out. I was THAT NUMB.
    I felt awesome after the Hydro.
    He sent me home with a prescription of Elmiron and said he might have to ''dilate my urethra'' again in a few years.
    Well its been about 10 years, I seemed to have gone into remission. I actually only took 10 of the elmirons, and when i did I would be numb with no spasms. Heck most times I didnt even know I had to pee till I would make myself go do it.

    Wow, long story short.....(to late).. I had a partial hysterectomy this past March. Kept the ovaries and cervix, nixed everything else, and he tied my bladder back up where its suppose to be.
    I was so happy; I could empty my bladder easily, I no longer wet myself when I sneezed or coughed. I was in heaven..but guess what has showed its nasty head again.
    After the surgery I had 2 back to back UTI's then skipped a month then one more. The last one though showed no bacteria present.
    Now I need to make an appointment with a urologist and I REALLY dont want to go back to the one I did before. I know the first time he says ''urethra dilation" I will wack him like the game 'wak-a-mole' and run screaming.
    Anyways I feel so much better getting this off my chest.
    I was to the point I would sit and cry and rock because I couldnt get the sensation to go away. I was getting to the point of scary thoughts.

    I am now off to the restroom..again. But I can say I have to go because I have drank a liter of water.

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    I think it's time to see a urologist. You can always see a different one than last time. If you scroll to the top of this page and click on "Professionals" you may find one near you.

    Sending warm welcoming hugs,
    Stay safe

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