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feeling better hope it stays!

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  • feeling better hope it stays!

    Hi! My name is Shelley. I live in northwest WI or middle of nowhere as most put it! lol. My I.C. was really flaring off and on the last couple months. I have had 4 DMSO treatments. Only 2 worked. Last 2 didn't work. For some reason I can't seem to shake a bladder infection. Driving me mad. I get a bit of a nasty odor. Well on wonderfull antibiotics again. Even have some homeopathic meds. But on a good note my pressure and pain is quiet. I just started amitryptiline 25 mg along with my elmiron and enablex. My reg doc put me on it since I told her about it working for others and she thought it sounded worth a try...when my ur hasn't. hmm. So at the moment YEAH! Now I just need to get a pinched nerve taken care of. Thank goodness I have an awesome chiropractor! Hope all the best for anyone hurting. I have had many days of tears. God Bless! Shelley

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    I hope u continue to feel better. Thanks for posting and sharing. It was encouraging to hear that we do get better!


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      Amitriptyline has also been a huge help for me.

      Glad to hear you're feeling better!
      Symtoms started July 2010.
      Severe pelvic floor pain only.

      2 time PT graduate!
      In medical remission since August 2011; able to eat and drink anything I want currently.

      IC meds:
      200 mg Elmiron in the morning
      100 mg Elmiron @ night
      Macrobid after intercourse

      03/11 07/11 01/12
      If at first you don't succeed: 07/26/2013!


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        I'm glad you're feeling better. It sounds like you have a good relationship with your regular doctor. Hopefully that amitriptyline will be helpful.

        I live in northwest WI or middle of nowhere as most put it!
        Ahhh, but you do have the Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum over there!

        "The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have."


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          thanks for the encouragement! I tried to have a little fun yesterday at a snowmobile race and had 2 beers. So much for that. This is the 2nd time I have tried now I know for sure to stay away from it. Period! today not horrible but not great either. So water yes you are my best friend!lol! I will be back to the line today. Funny fishing hall of fame. Being a local we take it for granted. Sometimes I need to remind myself to sit back and enjoy the peace we have up here! I just need to go to Minneapolis now and then to get back into society! ha ha. I do find a relief though doing my Scentsy parties...talking to new ladies...enjoying the aromas. It always makes me forget about my I.C. at least for a little while! Thanks and god bless! shel


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            Too bad about the beer. It does seem to be one of those items that most don't tolerate well. For some reason I don't seem to have a problem with beer, while hard alcohol is brutal in my bladder. You never know until you try though. Sorry your "try" turned out badly!

            Re: The Fishing Hall of Fame, I have plenty of photos of my son in the muskie's mouth. I enjoyed the antique boat motor display there, -remembering some of them being in my Dad's shed during in my youth. Heck, some were probably on our boat for that matter, which makes me feel old! Anyway, if someone is into fishing that's a pretty neat stop!

            My daughter also sells Scentsy. I have warmers all over the house and love them!

            "The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have."


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              Originally posted by shellyns71 View Post
              I have had many days of tears. God Bless! Shelley
              I can relate to the tears, mine have started today, as I and my body just can't take anymore of this pain.

              I am going to the doctor tomorrow and going to try and insist I have Elmiron and Atarax, already on amitriptyline 50mg
              This is what I am taking and they work:
              Ciprofloxacin 500mg (1 after jiggy)
              Tramadol 50mg (1 or 2 pills) up to 4 times a day - Painkillers THAT ARE AMAZING

              *Love & Hugs from the doll in the UK


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                Hope the doc helps. ASo far I am at 25 mg of amitr. elmiron 3x enablex 1x

                Cool about your daughter selling scentsy! I love the stuff. I am from a really small area so I only have 4 direct signed and then another 8 after that. but i easily bring in a 4-500 a month. My director made 70000 last year! crazy

                Ok so I won't have anymore beer. bummed. maybe i can find a mixed drink that won't hurt me!

                Yeah Packers!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry had to get that out. Feeling a bit better today I think. so I will behave really good today.


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                  Hey Shelley, sorry you had a flare with the beer, it does seem to be a culprit. There is a thread on here for what some can drink and what most cannot absolutely. All different. Trial and error. Hate the errors. Sometimes a creamy drink is a good trial, but stay away from coffee liquers. Will kick you for sure.

                  Yes, and go Packers! Think they were everyone's pick, and glad it's over. Lousy season for most teams.

                  Ice fishing, have it here in Maine a few miles away, big huts and holes all over the lake. Looks like fun, prefer a warm house. Did a lot of years of salt water fishing back in NJ, pulled in a too many big blues and did my shoulders in. And Bob with his IC and other problems cannot physically do it, but we do enjoy watching others from the warmth of our vehicle. Have fun, and no more beer for now! Watch the diet and get that bladder calmed down before you experiment. Take care. Jill, wife of Bob


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                    thanks jill

                    Hi thanks Jill. I will look for that thread. I don't drink alot but every great now and then it would be nice. I hate to go out with hubby and say water please. I also wonder if I am not getting some pelvic floor pain. Sure is aching in the back side around the bones feels like my buns have been on a major workout. Maybe I better ask my doc.

                    Hubby likes to fish just not clean them! drives me crazy! sure would be nice to have fresh fish for dinner.

                    night! shel