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    Hi everyone! I'm a 40 year old woman that was diagnosed with IC in September 2010. This has been a
    life altering experience for me. I have been all over the internet looking for information, and people going through the same experience, and all I could find were old posts. I've never heard of this before and know no one who has this, all I knew is there is no cure. I have had the cystoscopy, and bladder installations, with no relief. And now taking Elmiron. I have pain everyday. I had came across this website before, but only glanced over it. This morning I really went through the website and read current posts. It has been a diificult for me, although my family has been so great, I haven't told anyone outside my family. So Thank you to all of you for posting your journey through this illness. And thank you to all who contributed to developing this website, especially Jill. I have never been on a forum before, but I feel comforted that I am not alone.

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    to the IC Network.

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      Welcome Lane, sorry you are going through this. Can assure you that no one ever heard of this before they were diagnosed. Men, women, young, old, children, teens, there is no barrier. Can only advise you to really educate yourself so you can educate your docs. Bob's male NP had never had a male IC patient, and took the time to research and he is our angel. We continue to educate him at any appointment as to what is new or what works for others, and he appreciates that so he doesn't have to spend his valuable time doing it himself. A receptive doc, uro, NP whatever, so important. Glad you found the site, everyone wishes you a successful journey to finding relief. It can take time, do not get discouraged, some things do not work for everyone, you will see a lot of different combinations of meds, PT, alternatives, etc., etc. Don't get overwhelmed and take it one step at a time. The diet is a very important starting point, eliminate the bad stuff. You may get relief from that alone. Good luck to you, and let everyone know how you are doing. Jill, wife of Bob