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    It statrted in September when I thought I had back to back UTIs. After antibiotics and clean cultures, I had no idea what I was in for. So, went for the full examination, and tests came back negative for everything. Then had to wait 2 weeks for a urology appointment, and then 1 month for a cystocopy. The urologist started me on pain meds and oxybuton. Then he started the bladder installations which were painful, and almost every day after the installation, I would have to call in sick to work. For work, I have to be on my feet all day which aggravates the pain, and I can't take pain pills at work, because I have to drive from place to place. Finished the installations and now I am on Elmiron. Now I have been on pain killers for almost 5 months, still in pain everyday. I only drink water now and stay away from acidic foods, which has helped a little. My doctor is not very knowledgeable on IC. Help! Is there anything else that I could be doing?

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    Elavil is an antidepressant that is used to treat IC pain. It has helped me quite a bit. Atarax is an antihistamine that helps some people. I'm on Elmiron and it took almost 1 year to work. You could call your Uro and ask about them.



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      Have you tried lyrica?

      I'm getting a lot of help from Lyrica. Actually it's one of the only things (aside from pain killers) that will take away the shooting pains and pressure that I get in my bladder and rectum. It also helps me with the frequency. The down side for me is that it tends to cause weight gain in almost everyone. I tried to go off of it because of that but my pain came back so strongly that I decided to just work on really maintaining a strict diet. Nancy


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        The IC diet helps most of us. The link to the latest food list is in my signature below.

        Elmiron can take six months or longer to become effective --- I hope it works for you soon.

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