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Elmiron--I tried so hard!

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  • Elmiron--I tried so hard!

    Well, after debating for YEARS whether or not to try Elmiron, I finally broke down and did it! I took it just as directed (on empty stomach 3x daily) for 2 weeks... THEN, the roof fell in!! I started having horrendous nausea and diarrhea! I missed 3 days of work thinking that I had a virus. Well, it's day 7 and I'm still sick as a dog! I stopped taking the Elmiron on the first day of the nausea/diarrhea as I could not put anything in my stomach and have not resumed the Elmiron since... How long will these symptoms last and when can I expect not to feel like I am going to throw up 24/7?

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    If the cause is the elmiron, the symptoms should be gone by now. I had a headache side effect and it went away within 48 hours. I think it's time to talk to your doctor. You may have something else going on.

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      Elmiron works wonders for those for whom it works. Have heard others with similar side effects. Google it (and not just the manufacturer's site). It did not work for Bob at all, he developed a really weird under the skin rash and got no relief and his doc told him to stop after 6 months. But it is a miracle for many. Please do talk with your doc and/or pharmacist as well. Some are just allergic to certain meds. Good luck, let us know what you find out. Jill, wife of Bob


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        I have a REALLY sensitive stomach too and once it gets out-of-whack (for whatever reason) it takes a really long time for it to get back to normal! I might give the Elmiron another shot, but i will wait at least a month so that my stomach can settle down before I try it again... then, if it happens again, I will KNOW the cause...


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          Yes have a talk with your uro every icer is different and elmiron might not be the thing for you. It did not do me any good my uro took me off of it right away.
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            I've been on Elmiron for almost 3 months and it is not helping at all. My flare is still going strong at 85 days (and counting). But I do experience frequent, often debilitating nausea.

            It's also causing my face to break out on painful pimples, and I've lost about 20% of my hair. And the longer I stay on, the faster it seems to be falling out. I also just read several stories yesterday about people who experienced life-threatening liver failure after 3+ years on Elmiron.

            I'm looking forward to my appointment on Friday to discuss alternatives.


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              I Know how you feel. I did not want to take it either, because of the hairloss side effect. But dr said it was the next step after installations didnt work. I have been on elmiron for 3 weeks. Last 2 days I feel like my migraines may be coming back. My stomach has not been right since I started with the oxybuton & norco, and the installations. As far as hair loss, I have found more strands falling out, more than usual. But it has not helped yet. Once I see bald spots, I'll quit taking it.